How to make a mini Fridge At Home

DIY – HomeMade A mini fridge, car fridge simple using 12V 6A DIY Electronic Semiconductor Refrigerator Radiator Cooling Equipment
– I Using 1 x Semiconductor Refrigerator :
– Aluminium Composite, Foam, Wire electric, Switch ON/OFF, Led 3v, resistor 1000Ω
– Power Supply 12v 10-30A or battery 12v

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Minion 33 says:

il faudrait maître des joint

Cute Videos says:

where are you buy 12v 6a diy semiconductor refrigerator

itz sawan says:

what was that stuff including fan ??

thief100692 says:

what materials were used to build the box and where can buy them?? thx

Abdul Safuwan says:

which power supply is used for peltier cooler?

lotusflower says:

First of all, I would like send my condolences to you and your family for the loss of your grandfather. Also thanks for the amazing tutorial on the mini fridge. God bless.

Vitor Pereira says:

custa quantos em reais

Taha Koçbıyık says:

dıy powerbank??????????????????

GLHFsport says:

im really confused how this works

byankos says:

This is great…..BUT what happens to the heat building up in the “hot” chamber? Are the fans in line/series or opposing direction? If the are opposing direct hot air will not leave the hot chamber and fridge will stop cooling and heat will not leave chamber. If fans are in series, one fan is redundant.
Fan for cooling is required for better cooling in chamber. Please consider installing.

Feva Yung says:

You didn’t diy if you bought the most important part.

moist says:

could you make it bigger if you want?

郑智康 says:

hey,can u show me how to make a digital thermometer

BoxerSamuel says:

What were the dimensions you used for this project?

pierre5325 says:

Well, this was very good I must say. It would make a fine Middle School science project. Why not sell plans? Blessings, pierre from New Mexico

basketballbro basketball says:


Ali Elden says:

İs it possible with cpu cooler.? İt is same yours. İt has got coper pipe. please help me.!!!

lomash patelji says:

hi sir
ye refrigarater water ko kitne digree celsios tk cool kr pata h

Samu Vel says:

wow science in daily life

Mến Dương says:

This video violated your copyright :

Cahaya Surya says:

nice bro :))

Nguyenhongq Vlogs says:

This is video of kênh sáng tạo

NecoPlays says:

But why? Don’t used the cooler fan?

NPL Hack says:

really nice

piyush solanki says:

can you tell me the connections

David Galloway says:

Why did you remove the fan? Wouldn’t it get the soda colder quicker with the fan still in place?

Minion 33 says:

il faudrait maître des joint

valmir gonçalves says:

sua geladeira é muito pequena

Md ARIF says:

app jo wo mason deye Hai wo keya chija ka hai

Zone says:

can we make it in bigger size

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