How to Make a Matchbox Microphone

Make a microphone out of a matchbox and pencil leads. Listen to sounds and music from the other side of the house using this DIY microphone. Simple audio electronics project. You will also need a battery, some wires and clips, and a pair of headphones or a speaker. Fun and simple science experiment, and great to do with children.

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Hemendra Kaushik says:

Nice for the video

Sk Tamim says:

mc rahe ho

The Wolf Films says:

E razor

vikash kumar jain says:

Its fantastic

CyborgStudios says:

I know a place where you can get the lead , only the lead

T.H. D. says:

is it weird that I like your voice?

galaxy star at night says:

apparently you got the same drawer as me

Atik Shaharier says:

Pretty cool huh?

Mario Erja says:

OMG i make my Matchbox Microphone whit a coint battery =]]]

Surender Dhingra says:

it is only making some noise it is not working

Aashish Muthiyan says:

Its too good and simple to do .

Ej Wang says:

this is going to kill your expensive headphone. this video is for joking right?

Raghavendra Prabhu says:

can we connect speaker

Raphael Bonhart says:

I liked this video!

Poke gordulan says:

Next Time on DaveHax

Liam Dulude says:

I ordered one

FUNnel vision tv says:

what was your first video

singing is fun says:

could I use this to make audio for animations?


thnk u soo much bro for the video

Михаил Егоров says:

подпишитесь на мой канал пожалуйста

Sandesh Jain says:

Can somebody please explain me some further applications and the respective procedure of it?

rohit roy says:

is this true?

CookieGirl247 COOKIE says:

I can buy lead with this pencil thing cause it comes with lead

Brenden White says:

so cool I love it

Liam Dulude says:

I ordered one

Meki Boo says:

Will it still work without the alligator clips and just the wires

Jeroneil Acosta says:

Is this thing really works? Please answer me ASAP.

Anand a says:

Can anyone explain its working?

Mandy the chocolate says:

pretty cool huh?

That's AB! says:


Munawar Karimi says:

How much for that Headphone ad that you included dear!!!

beejo Goodday says:

Can this be used to make a gaming YouTube video??

CaptainBuzzShredder says:


Youssef Hawary says:

I think Dave has to get more subscribes

sonam srivastav says:

can someone tell me how this works?

Blur n Blaze says:

thanks a lot man!!!!!! this really worked!!!!! other projects didnt work but this worked!!!!!!!!!!!
thanks a lot re babababab!!!!

Jeni Junio says:

are you quirkilogic

Shashwat Sankranti says:

can we use normal wires instead of crocodile clips

Spinz 2009 says:

Where do you get alligator clip leads

Md. Mahabubur Rahman Sadik says:

vai ossam….

How To says:

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Manikanta Manikanta says:

good video

duk production says:

wow that is awesome

James Ding says:

I have obtained a way to get both earbuds to provide noise
The jack has two lines, so put on one alligator clip on the tip and the other in the center of the 2 lines.

TheMelshole says:

Dave Hoax

Dipper Pines says:

you are amazing

Afia Adu-Antwiwah says:

not going to do it because of those batteries use a different one

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