How to get FREE electronic parts for projects!

If you’re building a project on a budget, you can easily salvage tons of electronic components from the garbage! Learn how!


King Ding says:

This was from so long ago

Inquire98 says:

“Thank You”, thank you very much…

Ilan Orzech says:

Very similar to Grant Thompson’s video



KARAN7497 says:

Many of the E Waste collectors sell the components from Inside the Computors and other gadgets to E Distributors who make millions, Don’t think E Waste collectors are doing you a favor ,they are minting money from these recycled Hardware

MathOwl Bennett says:

What a supercap!

Amaan Qureshi says:

Visit your local scarp/junk yard

Brandon Burris says:

that capacitor is designed to discharge slowly when it sits by itsself i drains itself

Sympathetic Vybrations says:

PLEASE don’t use the method described in this video to discharge caps! It’s highly frowned upon by any reputable repairman (automotive, electric, or otherwise) to use a screwdriver for any other use than to install/remove screws. Instead, use a multimeter that is connected to a grounded on/off switch to simultaneously measure the stored voltage of the cap, and view the steady discharge as you ground the circuit via the switch. Hope this helps make your future electronics escapades safer!

Robert Taylor says:

Thanks for the info, why buy when you can salvage?

James Mcbean says:

where are the magnets?

Michael Angel says:

Great strip down, excellent on showing how to quickly check and discharge the capacitor. But, I have a question why didn’t you also take the circuit board that controlled the Microwave, you could have used for a count down timer or something.

Ben Jamoon says:

didnt even take the magnetron, 0/10.

Redbeard Does says:

“…I’m going to take it back out on the curb…” @_@ Your curb looks suspiciously like a plastic garbage bin…..

Бојан Драшко says:

What do big office companies do with printers and scaners?


hey or hi can i get a shootout

CosMic CrabbYSlaV says:

that is such a waste you could use case for metal magnetron for copper and many more things

1998goodboy says:


danz409 says:

didn’t even grab the magnatron. 

Sandeep Karun says:

is there any project videos you have done that uses these parts as you promise here. wd be good to have a list here.

budobudoh says:

You forgot to take out the magnets.

SYLBM says:

its actually ‘curb’

just kiddin. cool vid

The Cedar Workshop says:

Yeah, you can find these on Craigslist. I’ve been taking these apart for the last couple of weeks. Harvesting parts and the giant copper coil from the transformer for the future axial flux wind generator. Should have a video out soon about taking the transformer apart.

CEZAR says:

Nice one thanks! I also found awesome web site,they are selling all type of units and parts DVD/Blu-ray and so on for cheap prices.  avsystemparts dot com. Check it out 

Juan Abreu says:

When he short circuits the capacitor, he places the screwdriver across naked wires connected to the same terminal.

Baltzar von Platen says:

When he short circuits the capacitor one of the leads have a shielding on it ??? use a drain resistor.
Dont take the magnets if there is beryllium on the magnetron its a risk not worth taking. (it can be any color purple,white etc…)

Angela Albrecht says:

Children in Africa could have eaten that microwave. Shaking my head.

Glass Of milk says:

Why not just were insulating gloves?

jet flyer says:

what about the LCD and speakers? also I’d love to see what you can come up with for the capacitor, lol

autumn8tk421 says:

Forgot the HV diode (they connect to the large HV cap you discharged).  These are surprisingly hard to come by in other sources, but useful for other HV purposes.  Those transformers really are a prize in and of themselves though.  So many things you can do with them.

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