How To: DIY Cheap Electronic Drum Kit – with Alesis Trigger IO

Step by step tutorial of how I built This drum-kit using salvaged parts, in order to be as cheap as possible.
This includes broken cymbals, old drums and house hold items.


Drums & Cymbals:
7x Old, broken or just ugly cymbals.
1x Acoustic snare
3x Remo practice pads
1x Old unknown practice pad
Pearl Double Pedal
3x Cymbal Stands

Electonic Parts:
Alesis Trigger I/O Module
Alesis Realhat (Hi-Hat electronic pedal)
20’’ PC Screen
Many pressure sensors (Piezos)

Materials Used:
3x Window Frames
1x Old Subwoofer as bass drum unit
PVC Sheets (For cymbal dumpaning)
Cushion covers (For tom mesh-heads)


Kiven – Hope & Smoke
Incubus – Drive


Steve Rodriguez says:


X Graphix says:

Well thought out … I am not sure if I care for the sound of the base, as to me, it sounds like a speaker … with all due respect

Nur Akbar Amirudin says:

show how to make all pad step by step please

AmitB says:

Nice Work!

123lowp says:

<3 x 999999999999

Xailum Tiirnako says:

hey. I was wondering what the pvc sheets do to the cymbals? and did you put them on all the cymbals? I’m looking to building my own kit similar to this.

GDrums says:

yea i see this, god job

Andrew Cesan says:

wicked!! Howd you manage to link your pressure sensors to the alesis? You wire that yourself?

Sean Sweeney says:

noticed some ghost triggers on the kick drum… was that something you adjusted out of it?

Brian Homan says:

Dude. That sounded waaayy better than I anticipated it was going to. That’s awesome. I have an Alesis Dm7X 6-piece kit, my first ekit in 26 years of playing and I love it. What module are you using to power the kit? I dig the cymbal sounds a lot

RcK DrUmm3R says:

Hey man how did you mount the practice pads to the rack?? I was going to mount them to a rack I made using a cymbal mounts but the threads are too small.

By Will Alone says:


Petar Deverić says:

What program are u runnig it thrue?

הראל שמעוני says:

מה?! :O

DontTrackMeee says:

So awesome

Fidencio Gomez says:

how are you mounting the toms

Steve Rodriguez says:


GDrums says:

Esto pasa despues de un tiempo

Dan Howard says:

Awesome bro!

Amit Netanel says:

Amazing dude. Just amazing.

nsklav229 says:

Man you are the macgyver of drums !!!!!!

Attack Helicopter says:

So is the alesis trigger io your module? As in equivalent to say a Roland td 9 or 30 or whatever, I want to create something of the sorts but the Roland modules are expensive on their own

blackship14 says:

nice build bro 🙂 what drum module are you using?

Alon Shaul says:

Dude! <3

Szavui Szilveszter says:

it can be even cheaper if you integrate the piezo into the bass pedal and olso you don’t need a real snare to convert it to DIY you can make a wooden circle and place the piezo on it and then the foam…I think it would be the same…I like this video for giving me the idea of the rack it does the job and looks great! I want to know how did you add so many parts to the module? I mean you have a lot of cymbals,crashes and rides… can you tell me pls? thx! keep up the good work!

Steve Pethel says:

Inventive ideas.Thanks for sharing creative vision.Nice..

theothertroll says:

Best? hardly- but nice effort. Tips: Use a 5mm thick crafts foam right under the practice pads heads; Understand the difference between cushioning and damping.

Lee Jay says:

I’m impressed. A home made E-kit. Be proud of yourself. This is something most of us couldn’t have done. You wanted an e-kit so bad, you built own. And I think it sounds great! Great drumming Too.

carpii says:

Great job. I love how resourceful you are, plus all the meticulous planning etc

Is the kit driven by a module/brain, or hooked up to a computer to generate the actual sounds?


Great snare sound . men your a good inventor.

Lefty Lead Foot says:

sooo cool. could you please make a detailed walk through of how you made all your pieces.

Andrey Bajenov says:

Dude that is AMAZING!!!

alpha m. says:

Makes me want to be a drummer:)

Michael Orr says:

(כשתגמור מדעי המחשב, תגיד למראיינים שתשקיע בעבודה אותה רמה של תכנון וביצוע – ותראה להם את הסרטון. מי מהם שיש לו שכל – יקח אותך ולו על סמך זה בלבד)
(מצטער – קשה לי להתגבר על הדוד הפנימי …)

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