Hands-On with Circuit Scribe DIY Electronic Kits

We check out Circuit Scribe, a conductive ink rollerball pen that launched on Kickstarter. Stephanie and Valerie of Circuit Scribe explain how this pen can be used to teach basic electronics principles, and show us some new DIY kits that make use of these concepts.

Find out more about the Circuit Scribe here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/electroninks/circuit-scribe-diy-electronic-kits

Shot by Gunther Kirsch and edited by Norman Chan

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Zex Maxwell says:

I need to get this!

TurtlesLoveTigers says:

so they have to design something that someone else already did. nice

Teodor Nedevski says:

why the hell do you not have a small video of 5 mins. without putting fuvking stupid details. i was a fan untill i started getting bored half way throughout tge video

buttonstack says:

I hate norms head bobbing enunciation with that borderline bowl cut.

Pa Pinkelman says:

the access to electronics for beginners (children) is fenominal.
Early access to programming, robotics, electronics is great for getting more people (again children) in to this.
10/10 from me. And because its the interwebz a big kiss for you girl on whatever…

cottton™ says:

Where is Simone?

Daniel harman says:

Lol!!! They started every sentence with the words “so um”

Ace Shadow says:

Hi! Tested! You have no idea how much I love your videos. They’ve inspired me to do some projects of my own. The only problem I’ve encountered is armor. I can’t seem to make it as good as you guys. So I’m curious, would you care to make a set of Halo armor? I want to see how the masters themselves do it. Thank you for your time, and keep up the fantastic work!

Janky Garage says:


Inkoo Lee says:

why can’t you use the graphen from a pencile?

The Hyper Cube says:

spiritual successor to snap circuits?

Gary Oldham says:

Sounds like another lazy part of this generation. It will never have a resistance value for serious applications.

Shining Sword Gaming says:

Ok while this is interesting for educational purposes, and prototyping, the place I see conductive ink making huge strides is 3D printing. Just think of what you could do with the ability to print conductors!

Glass Bone Vapor says:

what every compressor you are using… please, make the release faster, or lower the ratio. good lord.

SmaRkieS says:

Lulu Dalas, Multi Pass!

vonzigle says:

What is all this criticism-? Sounds like a bunch of young teenagers, and not very smart ones at that… If you don’t have anything to contribute, STFU!


adam you should build jon snows sword from game of thrones

Александр Колпаков says:


Ayman Masmali says:

Stupid talkers

Frogboy says:

Do not buy this garbage.

darter9000 says:

Toxins in the comments could kill an elephant.

LunkLoafGrumble says:

Would be cold if you can get a 3d printer filament zo you can print your own drone.

blazedank100 says:

this is awesome

Paul Becket says:

so now combine this with printer technology and print circuits

Sander Groen says:

Fix yor audio tested!

_Lolucoca_ says:

How much current can this stuff handle? 😛

Blirt Butt says:

it would be interesting to combine the ink with a photoluminescent material that lights up when the circuit is live. could be neat to make aestheticly interesting stone “ancient computers”

Ted says:

this is a toy to draw kids into electronics ! CHILL PEOPLE CHILL!!!!!!
the drone kit seems so much fun!!!!!!

Gadget Addict says:

I bought some of that ink through their kickstarter campaign. i put thick traces onto some normal printer paper and then put 12v through it with a motor at the end. i managed to get the paper to catch on fire lol

Uki Malefu says:

this is cool, very cool

Metrix says:

Got this a year ago was fun to play around with 15 days later ……. .-.

TheKillerjohny says:

I think that this is cool for girls. But girls with age under 15 are interested in other things *wink wink*… and they do not need this shit which is more similar to drawing than proper work with electric circuits.

affirmative says:


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