FILTERS? Build a simple DIY passive electronic low pass filter.


Make your lemons into a synth with this circuit :-–5fIA

heres the schematic for the active filter, made by rene schmitz based off an MS20 filter, this forum is useful for it :-

Super simple build!

1 10k pot and 1 100nf ceramic capacitor and 2 jack sockets
mess around with values! and types of capacitors. the larger the capacitance and larger resistance, more frequencies filtered!

even try electrolytic capacitors! all the way up to 470uf! give it a go.


Holo Grafik says:

actually can you gurantee no lemons where harmed during the shooting of this videos ?

Penny-ostun Wise says:

Yeah yeah yeah!!!!

prinztronix says:

Brilliant mate, brilliant.
Entertaining and informative.

theVHSvlog says:

absolutely love synthesis and love this channel. keep it up.

telereve says:

aaawwyyeah gonna make myself a sweet filter

Buddha Boy says:

I’ve never seen a more engaging approach to synthesis, I really enjoy it. keep it up!

Patrick McCarthy says:

You should have your own tv show.

fuckgoogle+ says:

im having trouble understanding midi to cv… a module i bought has a 1vt/oct input and i wanna know what my options are as far as sequencing a melody. i have a midi to stereo cable! is there a DIY mod option where i can get just pitch cv signals from the cable? in your previous videos i saw you built your own midi to cv modules so i thought you might be the guy to ask 🙂

James Reynolds says:

Thanks, enjoyed that.

andrewmcloud says:

R u sure your schematic works? I need 3 pins of a pot!

Sound Trek says:

You need to get more exposure, your videos are the best.

Sysex|Studio says:

Cool. First time I’ve seen a vactrol in it’s separate components.

Jake Zavaglia says:

I’m sure you probably already know, but one of your videos was on a Canadian talk show this morning.

L U F T K R A F T says:

Top show!

benoit parisot says:

Really nices vids man!! And is it possible to make this filter high pass? And how to do it please?

Holo Grafik says:

how do u make sound squashing a lemon ??????

Holo Grafik says:

genius as usual !

Joshua Wang says:

You’re entertaining and actually a pretty good teacher, too. You have yet to get the audience you deserve. Hang in there.

Here’s to a million subscribers!

Maximillian Brozinic says:

Haha, found your channel yesterday, great stuff! You’re like a Colin Furze of electronics! Cheers from Malmö!

joeeoh says:

Thanks for making these.

Gibran Curtiss says:

very nice explanation!!!!

Jamzo 'Sez says:

LMAO @2:03

Paul Sop says:

you need to get on national TV!

Rusty Spoon says:

IDK if i can thank you enough man.
You’re channel is E X A C T L Y what i needed in my life right now,,
I’ve been struggling teaching myself electronics and find your videos UNDERSTANDABLE 😀
Much love from California.
P.S. When I start my new job next week I think you are gonna be the first person I actually support on patreon. THANK YOU.

DoctorBlankenstein says:

Love your vids dude..

Alexander Petrov says:


Olive InDreamLand says:

thx , needed tutorials like this one in my life 🙂 looking froward 4 next ones 🙂

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