Easy LED Dice – Electronic Kit Build

Nice simple kit with a clever circuit.



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Moran Taylor says:

I built this kit during the 90’s here is the original article sorry about the rotation didn’t have time to fix https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B8Xoy9cXJcaJU0ZTUnNpTy00ZEE

MrPinkster1 says:

nice vid. just ordered one! Julian do you know which pic you will be doing the tutorials with? is like to get one and follow along

Keith Pritchard says:

A very enjoyable and instructive series of projects recently Julian. Thank you. More and more of these kits have appeared on my front doormat lately!

Kuba Stachu says:

Ages ago as a kid I have built similar kit with 7 LEDs, should we assume Collin ripped that one off, or maybe just that number of different simple problems and obvious electronic solutions to them is limited?

KpilotRCHelis says:

Lol, we made these in Digital Electronics in school. The exact PCB and components.

Joshua Fawcett says:

Made one of these in my electronics class at school about 5 years ago. We made our own PCB and everything, a simple yet fun thing to do.

swansealoaf1999 says:

I changed c1 to a lower value and it speeded up the cycle

chillzwinter says:

I was a huge fan of Colin Mitchell and his series of electronics stuff back in the 80’s when I was an apprentice. I recall reading his magazines cover to cover multiple times, building various projects, and waiting in anticipation for his next release. I actually remember reading about this kit back in the day – but never built it.
Great episode Julian.

Solder Joe says:

Put some flux on the brass. I use a copper pot scrubber that works great.

bluephreakr says:

You asked, Julian, you’ll probably see rips of your solar thingy next month.

Jarod Findley says:

so close 100k

Raymond Heath says:

I have bought a lot from Colin Mitchell and even obtained a full set of Talking Electronic magazines out of his personal stock for my grandsons. I appreciate the detail you go into while building your projects

Games4Lps says:

Can you Do some lm3914 Action?

Zane Revai says:

Off to eBay to buy a few of these kits for more practice soldering!!!

Spector NS5 RD says:

that’s what China does, steals your idea, then mass produces it for pennies on the dollar. they are especially keen to knocking out clone vape mods.

Frazer Smith says:

Hi Julian, at 19:15 I don’t think it’s booting to ‘3’ as that would be LEDs 2, 4 and 6, and you are seeing LEDs 1, 4 and 7. In fact there should be no state where we see LED2 and LED6 off unless it’s ‘1’, so they are probably floating to start with. Would be good to scope it on boot.

paul30003 says:

This reminds me of a kit sold by Maplin electronics many years ago.

Tony Dadon says:

China. Stealing intellectual property rights since 1945!

yeme says:

I cant get my head around what the 555 is doing in this circuit :/

pikadroo says:

You’re doing it wrong… Nah, just kidding. XD LUV THE PROJECTS KITS!

TheDutyPaid says:

I have a bet with paddy Power you will hit 100k subs by February 1st.

Carl Recktenwald Jr. says:

Give it time, you just released the source code for the Pwm 5.

Tech Gorilla says:

RE the cleaning brillo metal thingy – I find greater luck when I douse the copper brillo in RA type flux. The flux wicks away the built up solder on the iron.

Deo Singgih says:

roll the dice

Brian Streufert says:

Great episode Julian! Thank you!

Karl Hammond says:

once agine nice one

Hrnek Bezucha says:

please more circuit analysis. Understanding how circuits works really interests me. Electronic engineering is amazing subject but unfortunately I have no formal education in it. And don’t really have spare £40k lying around..

Just Browsing says:

Why not buy the kit, study the schematic, make it on a breadboard, experiment with it a while and then put all the components away for future use? Sensible or numpty?

lasersbee says:

That’s the problem with open Source projects… The original designer gets shafted…

James Bowen says:

I’ve made two of these eBay projects for my kids when they play ‘Monopoly’. But the time between the button press and the random displayed result is to long for the kids to like. How can I shorten the time generation?

rene lefebvre says:

Electronique à deux balles ! Pas vraiment passionnant . Dommage

mbaker335 says:

A wet sponge will thermally shock your bit. When many bits cost £25 each and upwards (and I really mean upwards) you really do not want to be doing that. The brass coils are a safer bet.

Johann Wyss says:

Hey Julian I like that you use the cheap hobbyist tools, it helps to show new people to the hobby that they don’t need to spend lots of money to start out with electronics. I suspect some of the distributors of the more expensive test equipment wouldn’t be so happy about it and I’m surprised they have not been throwing their products at you like they do other youtubers! My question is I guess, would you stop using the hobbyist equipment (DSO138) if techtronix gave you a scope etc?
Naturally I wouldn’t blame you if you did but it would be sad to see another prominent youtuber follow that route.
But anyway I digress, great video as always mate. You deserve every subscriber you have and more!

Mindaugas N. says:

Please test some RTL-SDR dongle. Thanks!

Michael Hawthorne says:

Julian… Your scope is set to + trigger when your pulses are –

Samuel Ashdown says:

i’ve got a poundland metal scrubber thing shoved in a old flux tin. The trick is to jab it in then waggled it in circular motions a few times each way

scamin sam says:

you don’t jam your solder iron into the wool… you simply pull it over the surface wool. I see yours is jammed down.. should be sticking out of the hole.

I have used sponge since 1975 and find the wool much much better. You need to learn not to clean the tip like you do on a sponge. just wipe.

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