DIY Oscilloscope Kit (20$) VS Regular DS Oscilloscope (400$)

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In this VS episode I will compare a popular DIY oscilloscope kit with a regular DS oscilloscope.

2011 Lookalike by Bartlebeats
Killing Time, Kevin MacLeod (

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i’m waiting to your portable oscilloscope and i belive you will do it better

Rüdiger Hoppe says:

Hi Scott, nice video!
I’ve noticed you’re using a DPS5315 power supply, like me. 🙂 (Oddly enough, I’ m also using the Ersa pico, hmmm. )

Maybe you’ve added the usb board to the DPS5315? Because I played with LiPo batteries and needed a charger, I developed a charging software for the DPS using the USB port. Maybe you’re interested to take a look?

As I’ve now reverse engineered the protocol I’m thinking of what else to do with it, besides charging batteries.

Anyone any ideas?


Ignacio Camacho says:

I repair electronics and I’m starting to need an oscilloscope, however, I can’t afford a proper oscilloscope and just purely rely on my skill, experience and multimeter. What do you recommend? Should I buy an old, dirt cheap oscilloscope or this? nice vid btw, greetings from Mexico.

Citizen of Kekistan says:

I got the one with the smd already done, works great!

carlnerv Meng says:

Great video. If you don’t want to diy, you can buy DS211 or Hantek 6022BE.By the way, the 6022BE is a USB dso.

idallkey bachdar says:

jajajaja am I the only one who watch to laugh

VibeX MaTxeMa says:

the same kit in lazada fully assambled can be found for 20 us DOLLARS… GURANTEE TO WORK.with colourful manual. great kit in fact i bought 2 sets

Techn0man1ac live says:

как правило для пайки SMD компонентов припой наносят на одну контактную площадку, потом припаивают одну ножку компонента, и потом уже вторую

Scavengerx3 says:

Dont Buy cheap kits like this. I ordered several ones and all of them destroyed themselves after 2-3 hours. I bought 2 newer scope kits, but both worked flawlessly for 1 hour, then they stopped working without any reason and the parts on the PCBs heated up to hell temperatures. These kits piss me of so badly and they are just a waste of money. Get yourself a good quality scope and not this garbage from China.

RobBottin says:

Great video. “I’ll be back.”

kautkascitadaks says:

Can u use this for audio equipment testing?

VibeX MaTxeMa says:

ofcourse around 200khz it wont work properly, even standard benchtop oscolliacope has 3 db down and fluctuation at around 80 PERCENT OF THEIR MAX VOLTAGE. for a 20 dollar kit that you sholdered yourself without meeting standard sholdering requirements its not fair to critic the dso130. man its 20 us dollars. thats with shipping and listed max analog bandwith is already 200 khz max.

Zes says:

wrg, not genius , ts ok

DIYmetric says:

i have some crt o.
and for now i fond the limits of this system
i think i buy a new one (lcd screen)

Stephen Goddard says:

Get your iron a fine tip mate!

Crocellian says:

This is interesting. I’m a strong opponent of the Arduino cancer sweeping EE land. But …

This “scope” could actually get some real teaching into the heads of the cancer’s victims.

I am more interested in the analog discovery 2 sort of thing but its price is $300 for the kit which is actually useful.

If every Arduino head had even this simple $20 kit, maybe they would go into remission and learn something.

Ra Games says:

the voltage is TRIGGERED

Dom C says:

I got the same diy kit but I cant figure out where the resistors go or the ceramic capacitors go. think you can help

Basti ! says:

Ich habe auch das Oszilloskop Kit. Wie kann mann die Frequenz oder den dutycicle sehen? Sorry but my english writing is bullshit! So i MUST write german. I hope you Answer!

TheGamer says:

would you recommend this cheap kit for just reading sine waves,square e.t.c ?

enlightendbel says:

Could it be the current version of the kit has the surface mount components preinstalled?

isaac c says:

i bought my DSO138 from aliexpress, it was fully built it worked for a few times and then the trace thing disappeared 🙁

Mark Jay says:

I want

Charles Taricska says:

Great video- somehow I missed these last year! Nice to see these cheap alternative electronics, for us home diy’ers

Mk Km says:

What if…
Reverse engineer the oscilloscope using itself

Joe M says:

New video suggestion: DIY Oscilloscope ($20) VS RIGOL Scope ($400) VS Keysight Scope ($16,000) 🙂

BiffsGamingVideos says:

Good video doc.

Sans says:

Like if you actually threw it out the window

R4ZI3L666 says:

U badly soldered ;]

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