DIY Home Speaker Towers… PLAYING Upbeat Electronic Dance Music w/ EXO’s Floor Standing Speakers

Ready for some new JAMS on the DIY Speaker Towers!? Let’s get her loud again! Thanks for watching 🙂

Check out the 30 minute BUILD VIDEO!

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Stefan Petersen says:

Can anyone name the songs?

Len M. says:

Why? That’s even more ghetto then just using some Crown PA amps, but at least those would give you more power.

Sean S says:

Nice looking and sounding speakers man. Gotta love electronics no more building crossovers and hoping you get it right. I LOVE the fabrication method of the outside of the enclosures. What ever you spent it was worth it. I have sixteen 12’s and two 18’s to build with when I get my own place. I cant wait.

Jonathon Roman says:

your system sounds great

D.J. KEYS says:

great work. and song choice

Green Pretzel says:

Join the fucked by behringer club

spoofanaters says:

Its not music but i was thinking David Attenborough’s voice would be amazing on these. like the planet earth stuff.

8 ten8 says:

sounds great out of my phone in mono. no headphones, just phone. well done

Ricardo Heathe says:

What is the point of this video

Gonzalo Aguilera says:

beautiful beautiful

Gary Charley says:

wanting to build one, but so much choices of how to start.
A pioneer or a kicker system? hmmm??

Kopitarko says:

I am glad you did this because I watched the build back then. Too bad we can’t experience the sound thru youtubeless…

Travis Gulley says:

Could that amplifier power car subwoofers

The new king of bass loud says:

Exo well they definitely turned out great and I’m glad to see that you did win 2 place trophy with little blue but the other truck you were going up against had 12 twelve’s but I’m curious I know what your score was for second place what was first place DB score and like always thanks for posting the videos and keeping us up-to-date with everything going on I’m ready for some more Frankenstein videos!!!

kevin deleon says:

upload some Frankenstein playing songs

Mr. ManDudeGuy says:

my system has way more bass and my camera cant pick it up

Mollifier16616111 says:

Stickybuds – Fractal Forest 2014 Mix on soundcloud

Zpwslayer says:

Play some metal man. I always try metal on a new system.

Ben Meyer says:

7:03 bottom right corner. Looks like a ghost orb or something. Maybe him and his ghost friends are jamming out! Lol it was probably just dust or something.

Jay Bone says:

Hey buddy I like your videos I’m trying to build me a box for some 12 inch woofers in a 2000 expedition and I would like the speakers to be up top instead of in the front I don’t want the box to
real tall is it possible if you can send me some good Imagens to build me a nice box I would appreciate it thank you

Aaron bilger says:

That does sound very good i’m surprised that the yamaha does not have any issues with signal be distorted like some of my yamaha’s have when I turn them on.

Aspen Ramirez says:

You should build a cool stand with the same accents and colors as the boxs for the stuff in the middle. Maybe where the ends go into the middle of the 45s and does a cool float mount stand or the same height as it is now and mets the 2 boxes

jalen schilling says:

exo you have to play some BASSNECTAR in Frankenstein!!!

yurian huizing says:

nice pair of speakers

Waye FoxRedEye says:

I Wanna Meet Exo one day =D

Travis Piper says:

How’s your room holding up? Building speakers like this can take it’s toll on an older house.

Thaison Nguyen says:

Nice awesome stereo EXOContralto

Kyle Hendricks says:

Looking for info on where to buy these speakers****** I’m doing a large toolbox for the shop and these would make a great addition.

hittin-low_150db+ says:

NICE!!!! yo exo I don’t have the funds for wire for my mids and highs amp…and I have mids(doors) highs(dash) running off the h.u. and the tweets have a 600hz cap. on em
..I want a 80hz for the mids and a 1000hz for the tweets …will the head unit be stressed because of the capacitors or what? I just wanna know thanks!

Clayson Webster says:

hey awesome video man

bravo1412 says:

db drag @ home!

Hutchinson Car Audio says:

Well i know what I might be building soon haha

Carl Harrelson says:

play centipede by knife party

Alex Alberti says:

they sound fantastic

Jon Austin says:

i remember when u built this still love them bad ass keep up the great builds man

Clayson Webster says:

how low can those Subs hit

The new king of bass loud says:

I can’t believe Craig Butler’s world record 182 DB has been broken the new world record is 184db

jmcinvale says:

Very nice.

Get some Carver TFM series amplifiers and you will be much happier.

Durrant Miller says:

Just saying I feel like half of those smaller woofers probably don’t make that much of a difference

djsunproductions says:

Your speaks sound as crappy as my shitty computer speakers!

Ole-A Basmoen says:

You should check out Slow Magic – Corvette Casette. Really nice music 🙂

PiezPiedPy says:

get some master of puppets blastn for a change 😉

waltzie says:

one request……up your mic game or I can’t sub…that shit is an utter juxtaposition of what your channel is trying to be!

Gustavo Tobias says:

what abou frank exo ?

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