DIY Hacks & How To’s: TV Remote Controlled Electronics

With an infrared sensor and an Arduino, you can program your TV remote to control all sorts of things. Jason Smith shows you how in this episode of DIY Hacks & How To’s.

View the project on MAKE: :

And here it is on Instructables:


MrUnEvenGamer says:

I like your video buttttt
its difficult to understand and make so if u please make it easy will help me a lot

TripingPC says:

And you want to set more buttons on one arduino and is there a raspi version of this?

Big Blue security camera system pros says:

BIG BLUE SECURITY  supports these videos! DIY is the way to go. If you’d like,  Big Blue can help anyway we can! See what we are about and let us know. Good luck to all and stay Safe:)

MetaleroGamer Drums says:

works with any tv remote?

A7MAD says:

If I build this I would be super lazy

Neueregel says:

lots of circuitry though

Rohin Gopalakrishnan says:

+MAKE 404 Error on link –

Edgar Jaime says:

Really a cooffe maker

Philip Hell says:

well, that is a good idea but i dont want to put my arduino in that box and never ever can do other stuff with it. Is there an other methode to use that Ir signal?

---ElectroMan--- says:

If you guy’s are looking to do this with a computer setup- grab a 5.25″ bay cover, and cut out the necessary sockets for the project. And house with the project box. Run the cables outside via the watercooling grommets out the back. I like it this way instead of having a box sitting by me. (Note: My Arduino is on top of my DVD writer/reader)

Welstiel w says:

god forbid that you get up and walk to turn something on lmao great vid tho 😉

Nick Main (TheNickmaster21) says:

Waste of an Arduino. You could definitely compact the project and just use an ATTINY of some sort. However, it’s an extremely cool application and a great tutorial on how to do it. I just was there were more feasible projects with circuits like this.

stacey johnson says:

I got one fo 26 bucks for you less its a or called a red board from spark fun not the kit  but what part in the libare do you download im lossed

Khirod Naik says:


9sorem9 says:

If im too lazy to get up and turn on my lamp which just takes a couple seconds, you think im gonna do all this? lol

R Murphy says:

Could’ve been done better.

Franco Valor says:


Lars Reviews says:

I would feel save doing this in Germany, because we have Residual-current devices. Is there such protection in the US?

becky granger says:

um i cant do this

שי מזור says:


Earl Green says:

WHO?   Deuteronomy 32:27-30
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Hunter Mire says:

Has someone rewritten the code so i can hook a 6 channel relay bored up to the Arduino and have different buttons on the ir remote toggle different relays? Please help I can’t figure out how to write the code!!

nevo lloyd del castillo says:

Can i also use my phone’s ir blaster?

Visual iMac says:

Can you catch fire with wrong relays?

imchi says:

An Arduino is much too expensive too control just one device with it. Can the IRemote control more?


can you modify this to do multiple functions? 1 button turns on light another button plays sound  etc

mike dejong says:

could this work with say a cell phone that has an ir blaster

Rhetorical Question says:

I will tell why I will not do this because an ardiuno costs 50 bucks and I am not going to pay that money to remote control a light when you can buy electric remote outlet control for under ten bucks .

Alex Tec says:

Nice !!

nevo lloyd del castillo says:

Can i also use my phone’s ir blaster?

amber lopez says:

This sounds really easy. . . Thanks…..LOL

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