DIY Electronics Projects for Kids

There are many fun and educational electronic DIY projects for kids that can be done with minimal adult supervision. These DIY projects will allow your child to express their creativity by building things like DIY holiday lights or a DIY tabletop desk fan and will also teach your child about how electricity works as well as about how other household electronic devices work. Building Altoid tin DIY projects will teach your child about electricity as well as recycling and they will be able to make cool stuff such as a DIY flashlight, a DIY solar emergency radio or a DIY iPhone charger. You can also save tons of money because building your own iPhone charger with electronic parts costs less than $10!
The do it yourself electronic projects featured in this video require a basic knowledge of electronics and knowing how to use a soldering iron and solder. The parts that are required for each of these DIY projects vary greatly but these projects all require some type of capacitors, relays, semiconductors and resistors.
For great deals on resistors and other electronic components visit, and please leave a comment and tell us about your favorite DIY electronic project for kids!


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My works too. I used Inplix handbooks and build it without any problems.

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