DIY Electronics & Arduino Kits For Making Projects & Rapid Prototyping

Kits containing all my electronics and Arduino parts I use most often in my DIY & Maker style projects & prototypes.
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Way too many electronics and Arduino parts and sensors to list them all. I grab the components from these kits any time I’m creating a new design or project. Quickly I can get a project on the breadboard and the Arduino programmed.

I hope this inspires others to create their own electronics project boxes. Having everything on hand (cheap parts from eBay) makes it far easier to jump right into any idea/project while you are still inspired.
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squalazzo says:

hi, can you tell me the model of your cases, please? They seem quite good and with a lot of space… thanks

Ringway Manchester says:

Great video there Eric, nice handy setup, everything where you need.

ExSparticus says:

Nice one man :). There is an 3D printed robot that i saw on youtube, is a open source called (InMaav) it is really impressive than that Meccano Meccanoid G15 KS i told you about.

David Sonshine says:

Nicely organized

Beginner's Tech says:

another great video. still miss the live shows.

Zach terry Terry says:

Can u create a detailed list of these components please…?

GlytchTech says:

Got some of the thinner cases today and all filled out, need to pick up one or two of the thicker ones now too! 😀 Thanks for the enabli- I mean inspiration! ;P

Alvaro Rodriguez says:

Love your videos 🙂

Claude Théroux says:

You are a compulsive hoarder as I am. 😉

OH8STN says:

Wow! That’s nuts. I’ve got pelicase 1120s filled with parts and modules, but nothing near as well organised 😀
Thanks for sharing Eric 🙂

TheWreckingYard says:

You’re way too organized Eric. 🙂 Home depot has some nice storage cases with removable dividers that should work with the breadboards.

yossi M says:

omfg first comment ^_^

Pascal Rondeau says:

Nice Arduino inspiration…. comming from an Automation and process guy.
Used to program industrial size plc… might move soon to DIY Arduino 😀

Ray M says:

im sure a lot of people will be looking forward to your arduino home automation/ security system project, i know i sure am…

InventorsFactory says:

Great vid, Eric… Love that new Profile Logo of your’s it really POPS/Eyecatching 😀

saturn5tony says:

Awesome collection of THE best components around…. must have thought of 20 projects in my mind as you were going threw your stuff, Lol! -Tony

Armando Perez says:

Great video. Are those Storage boxes made by Stanley? I like’d to get those for my electronics stuff.

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