DIY Electronic Wings – pt.2 Adding Feathers | Hawkgirl Cosplay Series

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0:55 – Making Fake Feathers
2:44 – Attaching the Feathers
4:08 – Adding more Feathers & Covering the Frame
5:40 – Adding more Feathers after I already wore them to SDCC
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8:14 – Bloopers
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First off, I’d like you to know that these wings were over a 3 year project. I started buying supplies for them 3 years ago, but didn’t actually get around to building them till just recently. And my ideologies and personal attitudes have changed since 3 years ago.
Feathers sold in bulk are often time from birds killed for the meat markets, but there are also birds raised solely for feather farming. A very cruel process of ripping out their feathers while the birds are still alive, letting them grow back and doing it again. And there’s no way to know if bulk feathers come from birds killed for meat or birds tortured for feather harvesting.
I now refuse to pay into this industry. But, 3 years ago I was naive and ignorant and bought feathers online from amazon and other cheap places. The long feathers i glued onto the wings i got from Amazon 2 years ago. All the turkey feathers were purchased for my very first set of wings 3 years ago: I actually ripped them all off those wings and reused them.
I already bought all those feathers so I used them. But any new feathers I bought I bought from cruelty free farmers who harvested feathers from natural molting:
I also used a lot of feathers I collected myself from my bird, and from birds who lived around my house. (We had a hawk, a peacock and lots of chickens living in the area by my old house. It was pretty cool and whenever i saw feathers on the ground I collected them)
*EDIT- I’ve been getting a few concerned comments about collecting feathers. So yes, it is illegal to collect feathers of certain birds in some states. But it’s not like I’m suggesting you rob a bank. It’s not a big deal. It’s like jaywalking. You know it’s illegal but sometimes you do it anyways. Not disrespecting anyone or the law, I’m just seizing opportunities. Like seeing a pretty feather and picking it up. Like seeing no cars coming on the street and running across. You do what you feel comfortable with 🙂
The small feathers on the edges if the frames were all bought responsibly. And a lot of feathers added in-between just to fill it out were from my scavenged collection.
So, if you want to buy real feathers for your wings I highly recommend buying cruelty free feathers. But they are expensive and hard to come by since birds don’t loose large feathers very often. Small, or down feathers, are shed regularly.
I have a bird, I would never rip out his feathers. Please don’t feed into the animal cruelty industry. But if you have, it’s OK, I have too. Just please think about changing your buying habits for next time.
Thank you~ and the bird thanks you too!

You can also be 100% animal friendly and make all the feathers for your wings! My two previous pairs of wings I made ALL the feathers and they looked really good.

Please Google products to find them at a store near you:
3 yards between brown cotton fabric (enough for the backs of around 20 feathers 5×30”)
3 yards white cotton fabric (enough for the backs of around 20 feathers 5×30”)
16 gauge wire
12 (thicker) gauge wire
Loctite Power Grab glue (1 tube made about 6 feathers)
Various long rooster feathers (first feathers I glued down to the fake feathers)
Rust-oleum Spray Paint – Nutmeg & Warm Caramel & Black
Large white turkey rounds
Various down feathers (gray & between small feathers on bottom edge of wings)

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William Mahe says:

How did you hide the frame under your suit?

Justin P. Langston says:


Peiciu Ioan says:

Make queen of blades costume

Manga mango brush says:

I want to make dragon wings what fabric should I use

Shariban Gattai says:

That is only moment in the history when a little bird poop on a Hawk.

M Perongo says:

You cut the straps off the back but then what did you do to attach it to your body when all was complete??

Thinking Pegasis says:

SOmewhat this is not as hard as i imagined… ^^’

Greg Benwell says:

Adding a couple of small relays and a couple of small push button switches on your outfit (so you can move the wings as though they appear to randomly move) would make the wings look a little more real!! But other than that great job!!!

alyssa c says:

How much money did you spend on this

Sakura says:

in your description is 5×30 for the feathers. But what does 5×30 mean? I’m from Germany and do not really understand your measuring system

Kruzin Shtein says:

you are clear guys … you are clever

Wondering IN NY says:

great video – ever try doing butterfly wings?

alena kat says:


Kruzin Shtein says:

help me create one I work in an institution for children .. and I want to make a performance with wings looking for options .. but your very interesting …

Elva Reeves says:

Did you see the brown and white fabric you used for frame cap?

John says:

How did you attach the back plate and frame to your body if you did not use the straps you made in the first video??? I am thinking of make me a set of wings but I think I might go with metal looking wings. Maybe poster board with foil duct tape. Any thoughts on that?

PaiPai TN says:

3:21 Omg I am freaking out, Birb!<33 He/she is a beautiful Cockatiel!

B W says:

How did you end up securing your back plate? I don’t see any straps and like how it’s hidden. Really cool video! Thanks for sharing!

Xue Lang侐郎 says:

Hi, my name is Xuelang, come from Malaysia. The top birdgirl

Mike Fields says:

Such Epic Talent!

Fl1rr says:

Can’t believe you shared this awesome How-to with us! It resolved a lot of my construction problems! Thank you so much!

Noy Noy says:

Do ya have the iron wings

sdrre1 says:

THANK YOU. I’m a very invested cosplay person, so I’ve been looking into making a pair of crane wings for my persona. I couldn’t find anything involving *fake feathers* until I found you. Thank you!!!! 😀

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