DIY Electronic Wings – pt.1 Frame & Electronics | Hawkgirl Cosplay Series

Hello and welcome to the first video teaching you how I made my articulating wings for a Hawkgirl cosplay. pt.2 can be found here:

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0:45 – Backplate
1:59 – Wing frame
5:09 – Attaching wings to the backplate
6:09 – Wiring and Power
9:20 – Wings moving for the first time
11:20 – Bloopers
11:52 – Patreon & links

Please Google products to find them at a store near you:
-Sintra Board (–sintra-pvc-board.html) I used a 1/4 inch thickness
-3/4 inch PVC pipe
– linear actuators (the exact 4″ ones I bought –
– mounting brackets for actuators (
– 3 inch strap hinge (pack of 2 gate hinges)
– 8AA battery pack (
– double throw switch (I purchased from Orvac)
– fuse (optional)
– extra wire for wiring everything together
– zip ties

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KaletheQuick says:

I need to make some of those.

And use some of Adafruit’s MyoWare muscle sensors so I can control them hands free.

jsonlee01 says:

I love at the end that you did the little birdie dance with the wings on. You look just like your bird.

Cutey Kitty says:

Awesome. Super helpful. Electronic and wiring scare me I have no idea what I am doing . But I want to make wings so bad . This is tempting.

Maddi Kay says:

This is super impressive! Nice job 🙂

Joker says:

Great job!

Saffiaan says:

I was so sad I couldn’t see your new hawkgirl costume (I get travel sick from watching vlogs) but now I still get to see it! And those wings are absolutely gorgeous!

Rose Steam says:

The shape wear that your wearing does it work for you? and how did you keep your wings on your back without straps??

dufusrunescape says:

i would,ve tried the powwer window from acar large ,heavy bulky . who’s gonna carry the 12 volt lawn mower battery for me?

cryofpaine says:

If you want to know exactly how the YouTube algorithm works, you should check this out. He was able to find official technical documentation from Google. It’s pretty interesting.

I didn’t even think about bending the PVC pipes with the heat gun. Not building wings right now, but this will hopefully be good for routing wires (and keeping kitty from snacking on them).

Brooke Henne says:

Can you draw a diagram for the wires? Also how much did this cost in total? Thank you, I’m trying so hard to make wings that are articulating, I’ve made 3 sets so far and this has inspired me to try electronics!

Oscar Horacio Meister says:

Hello greetings from Argentina, your work excellent, I will try to make a suit as yours for my daughter for Argentina ComiCon December, with less budget but following many steps of your work, thanks for the tutorial I serve a lot, again excellent Work, a hug.

chesha cat says:


Rose Steam says:

These wings are so awesome

red hood says:

This is really good
Nice job keep up the good work

madi chase says:

You should do a Wonder Woman, I’m doing the original one, and it would be great if u would do an amour for the crown and gauntlets. And make them out of cheaper materials. And I LOVE U SO MUCH!

AlyssInCLAMP Γλυκουλίνι says:

The moment you see the frames moving!!! (0.0) Amazing job!!! 😀

Angela Ziegler says:

These are beautiful omg!!

Iya Ching says:

Are you gonna post a tutorial on your new costume?

BitterTreat Simmons says:


FiveUntilPlaces says:

You’re honestly cosplay goals! I’m constantly in awe of what you make.

rhythmrainbow says:

Video number 3. How to be as awesome as her. ^_^

Livin Davita Loca says:

Thank you! I started my Hawkgirl cosplay because of your first hawkgirl videos!

Anya says:

Thank you for this video!

kayla Francis says:

You and your family are so cute❤

Nazdreg 69 says:

The wings look amazing

Kendra Wong says:

i loved that intro

Lovely Lola says:

Your work never ceases to amaze me! You’re so talented!!

Brandon Chase says:

I hope more people find your channel, your videos are always amazing!

Bebe Butterfly says:

This is so cool!!! I’m gonna be bookmarking these tutorials for when I finally work up the courage to make an articulating wing cosplay. (Honestly, the electronic portion scares the bejibbies out of me when I think about it.) I can’t wait for part 2!!

Amanda Marie says:

I’ve been watching your channel for several years and I seriously love watching your skill develop! these are incredible! Keep it up 🙂

Keith Ztarp says:

You rock! Cool to see the whole family helping out. It takes a village!

But no bird 🙁

Diah Harjaningtyas says:

What’s the name that make wings move? Hydro or something ?

Courtney Pozzolo says:

This is fantastic. I followed your first hawkgirl set of wing videos to make my own Angel wings and they worked out amazing! (With a little modification) and I love your stuff! These new wings are amazing!!

RaraCloe says:

Ohhhh I learned something!

ISnake SnoutI says:


Edmund Schwartzadder says:

you should really do the PVC heating outside. it can release chlorine gas, which is no bueno.

Joker says:

Can’t wait for the next video. Best hawkgirl I’ve ever seen!!

Indi-go says:

That intro tho! 🙂

thedude76555 says:

this would be good for a kerrigan queen of blades costume

Natalie Mote says:

I am so beyond ecstatic this video is here!!! I have spent the last year trying to figure out my own way to make Hawkgirl wings without using difficult and/or expensive materials and nothing has worked. (I even at one point tried gutting a lawn chair for the framework. It didn’t go well.)

Luna Wolf says:

Incredible work, I never knew how much work went into wings! I spent 14 hours on my captain America costume. Great job! I may try this out with a mercy cosplay:)

Crystal Jeske says:

What size fuse did you use?

Kimber Prime says:

Definitely going to be watching part 2 when it comes out! <3 I used a linear actuator to power my Mercy cosplay wings but my next cosplay Auriel will have a very different style of motion so this is very useful. =D

Theldanis says:

Oh my god you are gorgeous, also Wings <3 I love Wings

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