DIY Electronic Drum Pads for Midi and simple drum kit

I show ya how to build an electronic drum kit for really cheap, using pie pans and pizzi transducers.


protv18 says:

i have practice pads can i do it with them?

Randy Martin says:

This is fucking nuts, awesome dude

Kelly Nole says:

Ok, you told me how to make the drums, but how do I link it to fl studio?

ASH Media365 says:

i connected my piezo drums to pc with arduino uno and i can see the output in serial monitor but when i use it with ableton live 9 i cant trigger any notes why…….?
i used spikenzen labs code.

Joseph Watkins says:

Lol. Very Good vids man. I’ve subscribed, thanks for sharing this with us; Jesus Christ Bless! 🙂

that jamaican guy says:

i love it!!! amma do it!!!!!!

Benny M says:

bro can u reply with a link to order for the pizzi transducers on the radioshack ?????

Ryan Stark says:

nice man, wish there was more info on how to connect to your computer tho

Blaze Beam says:

can u make a list on the required items

Ozterkvlt says:

making e drums is not hard at all actually, people would save tons of money if they knew about the possibility of making your own…

Yanick Norman says:

are you an electrical engineer?

listojay says:

dude! just download realdrums from google and play on your phone

Edgar Carvalho says:

great job man 😉

bob messer says:

This is really cool you hand made this..but by the time you get a module and make all this you coulda worked a day flipping burgers and bought a cheap set like the univox..with the pedals and all. Anyhow at least you had some fun fabricating I suppose

bwc3821 says:

Yeah I’ll just buy a kit.

Quevon Wallace says:

dude, sick. thank u

Elevendy says:

awesome. love it

Radha Madhava Das says:

How do you connect the drums to the computer? Where do you run the cables to? What do they connect to, and what software is used to set the instrument up?

Upload says:

How much would i spend on making that including buying the tools.!

miguel lopez says:

dog’s awesome!!

Dave Chippy says:

Can u please make a short vid on how it is connected or at least a pic. Since I dont have any experience,I did some researching on this and on a lot of diy sites it recommends some controller like arduino and programing skills to put it all to work.

Bee Gee says:

Sorry….that’s retarded.

Victor Ribeiro says:

Now try to D-beat it :v

that jamaican guy says:

how do you map the midi drum pads to the computer?

matt heinecke says:

Prince Vince!!!

Yvng Shabba says:

can i please have one of your guitars

TakeAGnarBar says:

So Sick!!

pontikas says:

great great

Antony Porras says:

cool drums set 🙂

Bob Tail says:

He’s holding the sticks upside down

Piping Amo says:

can you make a tutorial of a drum simulator? i can do the drum kit but i dont know how to make a drum simulator that gives sound to electronic drum. If you could make one. That would be awsome. Thanks bro and God bless.

alex prinzo says:

Badd ass computer racing seat

James Logan says:

Is it possible for your computer to pick this up as a midi controller? that way i can use it in a daw like FL studio and Ableton?

Ross Brigoli says:

Where did you get that foam?

deth502 says:

you kind of remind me of a young cheech marin.

SquidCaps says:

* piezo

Guitar Covers says:

Hey bro, Are you from thr philippines? (:

tirequickly says:


Nardia Huang says:

that’s awesome!!

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