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This task is very simple- all you really need is: the correct wiring harness, the right wattage solenoid, and a few barb pipes. After that, it’s simple splicing and soldering. This is pretty much the same product you are buying from other manufacturers like Cobb or Grimmspeed, but at a third of the price. This valve will work just as well due to the fact that it uses the same MAC EBCS that most manufacturers use.

Tools Used:
– Soldering Tools (Solder, Iron and Flux)
– Wire Stripper
– Plumbers Tape
– Heat Gun

Products Used
– MAC 5.4 Watt EBCS
– Mazda Wiring Harness
– 1/8 inch 90 Degree Barb Pipes
– Heat Shrink Wire Wrap

The techniques shown in this video apply to various turbo vehicles that include, but are not limited to the following:

Specific Part Numbers for Products Used in this Video:
-MAC 5.4 Watt EBCS (Part # 35A-AAA-DDBA-1BA)
-90 Degree Metal Barb (Part # ELB60-1/8)
-Mazda Wiring Harness (Part # CONN-85730)

The DIY rep in this video is Ally!

FTC Disclaimer:
All products mentioned were purchased by us. None of the companies mentioned are paying us for this video. All opinions are our own.

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Craig Cundiff says:

You should be more descriptive about your”wiring harness”. If one were to inquire about the price of a wiring harness for a Mazda 3 they’ll be given a price of about $500/1000. That is a particular type of connector not a wiring harness. Great job though…I see alot of mechanical boost controllers on You Tube but this is the first DIY electronic I’ve seen…nice.

Deb Billings says:

Great piece of information. Thanks!

GoodeZilla says:

Everyone on the Soul-der train!

Andrew Larson says:

Didn’t see it mentioned anywhere, but be sure to use rosin core solder for electrical connections. #protip

blower says:

I pity all those American’s who once having had an ebay sale, they then saw the item up!…..If only they had just sold it, instead of saw’d it… least they are just sawing them up, better than those other guys who do far worse things to their items, those naughty sods!….hmm where did I put my sold-er-ing iron, I have sold it so need to ship it out 🙂

Gregory Batz says:

You are awesome….. girl

Jonathan Nolan says:

Great work on this one! This was one of my favorite DIY mods.. Are you going to do an install of it? I know you need a tune after the install.

holyarmageddon19 says:

do you have a video of it working.

Cameron G says:

Thanks! Good idea to tape the wires to paper to keep the wires together while soldering!! 

Mike Lee says:

make a boost control solenoid, but one of the parts you use is a boost control solenoid? I’m confused. That’s like using a a word in the definition of the word 🙂

Michael Martell says:

You should call this video “How to solder”, because i didn’t see any boost control solenoids being created.

Ezra Moore says:

Any idea which connector is used on the 02/03 WRX and where to find it?

Andrew C says:

Kinda disappointed. I thought this would be a DIY solenoid – like the title alluded to. Instead I got this, a soldering iron and some heat shrink. You even cut the soldering bit.

scott 500 says:

Solder. (Sodder) Like grass sod. Gah so hot until that. Just Heat the wires from one side and apply the solder to the opposite side. as the flux steams off it pulls the solder through. Besides, if one didn’t know how to solder they probably couldn’t have set up a turbo in the first place so I’m not too sure the target audience of this video…thanks for telling us which solenoid you used?

ThOrZwAr says:

This was cool, thank you for sharing, I think I may do my own now.

James Rayson says:

I’d love to see this installed and working. Curious to why you left the wires so long and the shrink in red?

Gregory Batz says:


James Haney says:

I love it! make sure when you strip the wire insulator, you cut half the conductors off. That what it should look like. Oh, & don’t wipe the excess flux off. That’s not corrosive.

terry jenkins says:

a flux pen? I’m so young but I feel so old dId not know they made such a thing

TvJMack says:

Looks cool. I couldn’t listen to her pronounce the L in solder anymore so I didn’t get to the end.

Grid says:

A word of caution – a weak spot of those MAC valves are the wires, esp. at the point where they exit the enclosure. They’re made of some kind of brittle alloy, if you twist them around enough (when fiddling under the bonnet) you are likely to break them without even noticing. Happened to me. A piece of heat shrink tube over both of them and some hot glue or epoxy should fix that. What you were doing with those wires in the opening scene really made me cringe lol

Christopher Lam says:

When soldering try not to touch the tip on the solder wire itself that’s why it came out the way it did in the picture and it’s not a good way to do it. Try melting some solder on the top then touching that on the wire heating the wire up, after that you melt the solder directly into the wire and it should flow into the wire

steelmesh says:

I like how she says solder the way I do, Sol-der

NePdXploit says:


Camilo Ortiz says:

did you made the install video for this part? good video!!

Medics for Life says:

In Australia we pronounce the word “SOL-DER” and it drives us mad when Americans say SAW-DER almost as much as Brits calling a Subaru the WRX IM-PRETZA.

Spartan 11777 says:

Im doing this boost control on my 05 wrx but i cant find the wiring anywhere. Hints?


great job thank you and go head

Lord Masta says:

I was removing the cigarette lighter socket because my USB adapter was stock and I was wondering what if I just get rid of the socket and get a actual USB plugs like some of the new cars these days do. do you have any ideas how to do this?

LCCharlie says:

That is one serious heat gun!

Brandon Le says:

I didn’t know MacGyver had a Daughter.

goosecouple says:

Impressive. This girl can do everything.

Sheppy99 says:

That sticker AEM replaces on the Mac solenoid must be made out of gold to require an additional 70 dollars lol. Expensive sticker

Steven p says:

Awesome video

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