DIY Electric Skateboard

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Have no money for the Boosted board? Here is a DIY solution =)
Cheap and easy to make electric skateboard.

Tool List:

Brass Wire Wheel Brush:
Extension Bit Holder:
Right Angle Drill Attachment:
FlexibleBit Holder:
Skateboard wheels:


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GWM-BTD Battles, Agar.Io and more! says:

can’t you just put the screwdrivers under the board and support with some parts to make it steady and connect it to the wheels with some gear and tank tracks things and take like a strong rope/wire and put it around the screwdrivers trigger so that you can pull it.

Kealey XI says:

so fake

Shadowwalker0408 says:

how long can it go

George Boaru says:

I have to say, hell of an idea!

esmeregildo dahehi says:

like # 5000 !!!!

Leesh Kim says:

2 mins???

Latino Pantry says:

kang.. kue kabele nganggo kabel apa.?

Adam Blomberg says:

That’s à cool concept. But what if you let go of the screwdriver gas. The screwdriver will brake in an instant and the week would lock up.

Ville QQ says:

Did someone just rape my ears

raden her santoso says:


SheelNunkoo says:


Tristans the unique says:

how fast does it go

Robert Flavor says:

This music is very cancerous

crazypandaz says:

Whitehall trucks did u use

Zev Hoover says:

hint: if all the footage of people using it is sped up, it goes very slowly.

Glom McQuay says:

sick! just got a power drill for Christmas lol

Oğuzhan H. says:

Good job bro

Thomas Lowe says:

this guy has a press just to put bearings in #goals

Joe Bailey says:

Ghetto as f#ck!

Carmata says:


uldis laidiņš says:

Does this one have regenerative breaking?

Boston VLOGS says:

I am like you loving powered skateboards. They’re so smooth to ride and so much fun. I started my own playlist about a year ago and would love you to take a look, collaborate if possible and share ideas. Check out my channel! And anyone else reading this, check out my powered skateboard videos from Australia! Cheers.

Антониус Казаков says:

Pulling the wires off the brush took me about 6 hours

Clorox Bleach says:

Ummmm So what happens when you take your finger of the drills trigger or was that not thought of….

Shadowwalker0408 says:

please do one with speaking

Ethan Jacobs says:

What’s the part he put on the wheel to connect it to the drill

S3ND NUDES says:

Lol Im good. I dont want to look like a weirdo holding a power drill around the park going 4mph

bullwinklethemooseME says:

:))))) Great!

TayZum MOVIES says:

Je trouve que l’idee est interaissante. Mais c’est quoi l’interret de faire un Skate electrique, tu tien une perceuse dans la main, on peut dire que c’est galere. Et je dirais que ton invention c’est pour les vieux. Sérieux, qui va aller sur une plance a roulette, avec une perceuse a la main. Je voie pas la pratique la dedans. C’est pas vraiment electique, tu aurait pu prendre un outils moins gros.

Emenike ANIGBOGU says:

Very good thinking.

map marlin says:


Shadowwalker0408 says:

do I only need to change one wheale

Kealey XI says:

so fake

Shit Glitter says:

that is a cool ass idea

Steven Sievert says:

This is amazing! I’m definitely gonna try and give this one a go.

PFKNTHETA // says:

Why have I not discovered this channel before? Holy shit! The music choice and style of editing is 10/10!

The Russian Woodworker says:

Sweet skateboard mod! I actually just Made something like this for my longboard and it’s exactly like this haha. I was wondering what do you do if you pull of the trigger quickly on your longboard? Because when I let go quickly I fly off the board because the elbow won’t let the wheels spin so I fly off it. Do you have the same problem?

Julian Fuentes says:

Not what I had in mind but pretty cool

Ndayishimiye Savio says:

Le meilleur Skate Board électrique est Belge !

Krish Patel says:

what bolts did you use to attach the wirebrush to the wheels

yaloha says:

Awesome job!

Jasse Golestani says:

I’m speechless what a great idea beautifully done really accurate

Sylvain Oiry says:

good concept

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