DIY E-CIGARETTE made of Nick One disposable cigarette

Who would buy a e-cigarette, just make one yourself!

Eric Florez – Ascension
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Jeremy Carroll says:

just buy a fucking rechargeable ecig or buy a fucking vap better tast alot more flaver you can choose your own flaver last alot longer and alot safer

Thor von Qualen says:

Which song is that? Nice video 🙂

Amaan King says:


austin coody says:

hell yA bro im buying this rn

Pearce Sampley says:

congrats you made a better cig alike… the shittiest vapes of them all

leonard Plava says:


Kyatto says:

Why don’t you recharge it with the normal charger? XD all the batteries are rechargable from the package, its just the left to open up the disposable coil and re juice it. anyways go larger than cig-a-likes tho.

Jerick Wallace says:

why the hell would you use bare copper wire? are you asking for a short

1003Alfred says:

People take this too seriously and forgot the main purpose of this video, Which is letting people know how to change something that’s meant to be disposible into something that can be used much longer!

Timppa Boiii says:


HawaiiLife Vaping says:

music was on point.

Jayasree Ah Pouh says:

plesae send me one of that

That Mickey Mouse Shit says:

I have a 120w box mod

daniel mcintire says:

gross. just buy an aio (all in one) vape or even the iCare or iCare mini. only 25 bucks and you dont have to go thru all that bullshit to get a terrible vape.

D3Fd0ck says:

from the description – “Who would buy a e-cigarette, just make one yourself!”

uhm.. you have to buy it in the first fuckin place before you can “mod it”

Bruno Atlanta says:


ting dichosa says:

dumbest shit ive ever seen

Unnamed. says:

What is the charging port called again?

matthew pownall says:

I would love one of these but I’m not good at soldering great video I would of put a multi changing colour led in it make it funky 5 star video just need to know where to connect the wires and that

Bravin Balakumar says:

can’t tell if it’s an android talking or a british man…

GOAT Sports says:

you should probably talk to your parents about killing yourself because of how fucking faggoty this video is

crazy anyone says:

eased my wrk!

friartuck103 says:

The disposable ones don’t unscrew!!!


wowwww good mods and stuff are basicly cheaper anyway. why take the chance in something that you dont know is safe

KenSG Gaming says:

oooo / //

KillingInstinct says:

can you sell these? Like I don’t know where to buy those things tbh. Would be nice to be able to buy them from you on Ebay or something.

XKanekiKunTGX says:

if Water can be a juice ill just buy Vape then

Chance Carroll says:

you can buy a rechargeable one for $9, but good thinking though

Michele says:

the music is too high! the voice is too low! damn

Johnny Solipsis says:

That was a multi use Ecig NOT a disposable one, dopey.

Danny says:

Yupp cause Ima waste more money on making one than just buying one for $6, but that was very awesome and intelligent, props.

KenSG Gaming says:

-V- *NEVER* _Vape_ -//

Daniel Smith says:

Seems like a good way to lose some teeth

Sebastian ll says:

This is one of the founding fathers of Vapes!

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