DIY DS1302 Rotation LED Electronic Clock Kit 51 SCM – My Results

I assembled and tweaked this kit and this video describes the outcome.

It took a while but I finally found someone with the instructions for this version. It is about 3/4 down the page on this link:


techdetech says:

nice video, well explained

Вячеслав Смага says:

Do you have firmware for this version clock ?


Very nice!   Is it very difficult to solder the tiny resistors? I like the clock, but I’m new to soldering.

coolbluelights says:

How did you tell which SMD components were which? they don’t come labeled so I don’t know how to tell them apart…

Jorge Trejo says:

buen día, me podrías ayudar, he comprado este artículo (desgraciadamente en otro sitio) y me llegó sin instructivo de como ensamblar o armarlo, y vienen resistencias de varios valores y condensadores que no puedo ubicar en donde van soldados, te lo agradezco, Jorge Trejo

Cortial Daniel says:

hello you have a manual in French please? good video thank you in advance but I do not understand English , unfortunately I do not know how the alarm is set

John Berry says:

Great tutorial thank you,   I am now going to buy one of these kits… 🙂

Ron R says:

I have since salvaged components from these non-working clocks so none are in any kind of working state. I did order one more that comes with a clear case. I have successfully assembled 2 of the 8x8x8 LED cubes so somehow I do believe I am getting defective components. Am still not sure why the first clock worked and then stopped suddenly. All, when plugged in, would have all the LEDs on and the buzzer would stay on. No bent pins and no solder shorts for sure. Thank you for your suggestions.

Jeffrey Gross says:

Hey there, I’ve put together one of these myself and have run into a
little issue. When I plug the miniUSB in, all of the LEDs light up, but
stay on constantly. The buzzer makes a steady buzzing and the clock
reads Eor2. I’m gonna try to lift the crystal off the board, but any
other ideas? Thanks!

jehdspth says:

I just finished a very similar clock (EC1515A). I somehow advanced the year two years. Any idea how to get it back?

Karim Ismail says:

Thanks for the video. One question my friend please: in the components they include some long plastic strips,what are they for?. I look at the finished product but can not see them.Thanks again.

Pete Anderson says:

That looks sweet with the blue on every other!

I am building this myself at the moment, I forgot I had a SMD hot air re-work station. Once I started using this, installation was a breeze!

TroyRedstone says:

was this hard to build? im planning to buy this kit too, im a 13 year old experienced user(i made a controllable LED cube, controlled by an arduino uno, moderately hard)
i have a soldering iron(of course) + glue gun if necessary.

Ron R says:

Jeff, I have assembled 3 of these kits…..the first worked for about a week and the second 2 did not work at all. Not sure what I did wrong, but I used to be an end of line inspector for a defense contract electronic assembly shop and I did not find any shorts or defects. I do have a microscope for inspection purposes, but could find nothing visually wrong. Any suggestions?

Karim Ismail says:

Mr Flowers: Do you offer this clock assembled for sale?. I wish to purchase two. Thanks.

Fredrik Jagakatt says:

What is the model name of the four digit display module?

C MJ says:

I have this version of clock, but it didn’t work. Probably because the caps were not marked and my eye’s are not so good so doing SM components is not my thing. I have the other version with through hole and it worked well and was really easy to put together. I would recommend those that don’t want SM try the through hole kit and you will be happy.

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