DIY Dremel CNC #3 electronics, software and firmware (Arduino, aluminium profiles, 3D printed parts)

Time to add Arduino and some other electronic components to DIY Dremel CNC machine! We will also upload code to the Arduino (GRBL) and take a look at software to control your machine (GRBL controller and CNCjs). At the end finally, we will run first tests on the machine to see how it works 🙂

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First part:
Second part:

Everything CNC related:

I am extremely happy with how this machine works! It’s super quiet and works extremely smoothly. Construction is very rigid and 3D printed parts are ok. First drawings are also great all lines are sharp and dimensions are good.

Here are parts that I use to build this machine:
-Arduino+CNC shield+stepper drivers:
-Power supply:
-Stepper motors (4):
-Limit switches:
-AC IEC socket with switch:

-Dremel tool
-Aluminium Profiles 20x20x600mm (5)
-12mm rod (about 2 meters)
-500mm long trapezoidal lead screw 8mm (2):
-300mm long trapezoidal lead screw 8mm (2):
-12mm linear bearing (6):
-5 to 8mm coupler (5):
-T nut (50):

And here are some of the tools:
-3D printer:
-Thread tap:
-Cordless drill:

My design:
STL files:
My instagram:

GRBL Controller:

I always wanted to have one of those fancy CNC machines that can mill metals. It’s cool and it gives you so many possibilities for next projects! I already have few ideas for projects with a CNC machine 🙂

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JohnnyBit says:

Great project! On thing that onnoyed me is 1st music bit – it was too loud compared to your voice and was overally annoying&distracting 😉 If it was quiter and less annoying like the 2nd one it’d be perfect video 🙂

Daan Coenen says:

How big is the cutting surface HxLxB

Charles Bonnici says:

First class project. Good of you to share. Well done. Keep it up. You are inspiration to others. Many thanks

CADesigner says:

Great job, I would love to see a bigger one for a future project!

PeterM J says:

Great Job Congratulations! Do you have an STL file for the part mounting the arduino to the power supply. I didn’t see it with the rest of the parts on Thingiverse. Thank you.

Maroujee says:

Masz lepszy angielski niż większość polaków mieszkających w krajach anglojęzycznych. Szacunek.

Toby Hodkinson says:

great vid although the music was too much – i watched all 3 at once and had to turn sound off!

krzysztof haak says:

pozdrowienia z obozu [; grałem z tobą w fifę!!!

Piotr Kamaz says:

hej, świetny projekt
mam parę pytań odnośnie części potrzebnych do budowy tego projektu
-Aluminium Profiles 20x20x600mm (5) ? 2szt 600mm, 4szt 300mm?
możesz podać dokładniejsze wymiary profila? bedę zamawiał na internecie i musiał bym znać dokładne wymiary

Vulpe says:

Gdzie kupiłeś te profile aluminiowe? Ja mam z tme i te nakrętki nie wchodzą od góry, tylko muszę je wkładać bokiem

ultraid tec says:

nice work.

Juan Sanchez says:

Great design Nikodem, though is it scallable? like just use longer aluminum parts right?

david whitt says:

Can’t wait for next video

Лёха Дизер says:

Круто! Ждём реальных тестов)

Jean Seb Astienback says:

Glad that you fix the wobble. This project is really among the awesome ones about building a CNC from scratch. Bet that a lot of people will build your device.

david whitt says:

Can do a video on install for cncjs getting lost with it

Meme Master says:

Have you checked the concentricity of the spindle and chuck on the Dremel? I’ve had one where they were misaligned so that the tool axis was at an angle to the axis that the spindle was rotating on. Proxxon tools have much better spindle concentricity and alignment but they’re twice as expensive.

Lagunenkov Piter says:

Мне нравится! Хотелось бы не на листочке и не словами а чертежик основных деталей профиль 20×20, валы – длинна, винт -длинна. На словах я не понимаю. Россия то же любит станки CNC!

Jean Seb Astienback says:

This device is not only beautiful but it does the job awesomely! Your videos gain in quality and substance Nikodem! That represents a big amount of work and time summed up in less than 8 minutes, a real achievement and an achievement. Can’t wait the first test with the dremel. Thanks for sharing all!

Brian C says:

Awesome! Getting closer to cutting some stuff…very cool!
Never heard of cnc.js, man that looks really nice…and it runs on RPi..nice!

Rafe Aldridge says:

Great work. Look forward to seeing Dremmel in action.

Mohd Intekhab says:

Hey dear , could you plz make a video of detailed wiring and electronics.

Sebastian Nurkowski says:

Fajny projekt i dobra robota wszystko prosto i tak jak byc powinno. Jedyne co bym zmienil to wywalil sprzegla których uzyles na silnikach bo one dzialaja jak sprezyny i beda duze odchyly zamiast tego dal bym sprzegla jakie ewentualnie uzywa sie w cnc czyli sprzegla klowe (ale ze one sa dosyc drogie a raczej nie masz odchylow to polaczyl srube bezposrednio do osi silnika kawalkiem rurki metalowej / walka rozwierconego z 1 na silnik a z 2 na srube lub dosunal os do sruby i polaczyl calosc bardzo sztywnym wezykiem ze zbrojeniem czy nawet wydrukowal lacznik sztywny samocentrujacy z thingiverse)

TMX_ :D says:

Great men!

Flavio Mancuso says:

Can it be scaled to bigger dimensions?

Balu nandhan says:

That’s really great man

Leandjb says:

Excelent bro, good luck!

stefanoguitarplayer says:

Bravo ottimo lavoro, pulito e funzionale

Pastek37 says:

Można Polskie napisy? temat ogólnie ciekawy ale średnio rozumiem xd

Jean Seb Astienback says:

I’m impatient to see your first acrylic output.

buster blader says:

Nice project, really wanted to know how you’re planning to put a dremel on it tho…

Perspectologist says:

Looking good. I’m looking forward to seeing it cut. I should look into that software you mentioned. I’ve only use Easel with my X-Carve. It works OK, but it is nice to have multiple options. I don’t entirely love the web based dependency of Easel.

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