DIY Bluetooth Speaker for 5$

Bluetooth speaker is cool device,so in this project we are making homemade bluetooth speaker for under 5$.
For making you will need ti buy bluetooth usb adaptor with 3.5mm jack output,power amplifier,2 small speakers,wires and power source like usb charger or power bank.
Below are links where you can buy it all for 5$:


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A M G says:

you want to make a RC car with speaker

Mike Mangarella says:

the whole point of Bluetooth speaker is wireless,, so u still plug it in,, also u can get an BT speaker for like 10 bucks

Nath lang says:

We are trying to figure out how it really work blue tooth (wireless), not plug in ? but at the end you plug it in Does it really work wireless ?

Zuehlsdorff says:

If ya wanna make it better and still cheap, i’ve found some parts in Aliexpress:

1. 3W 4 Ohm speakers (2PCS) – *€ 2,38*
2. Audio Amplifier board (1PCS) – *€ 0,19*
3. Bluetooth sound receiver (1PCS) – *€ 1,76*
4. PowerBank ~ *€ 4* (there are a lot of powerbanks but you can use just a rechargeable batteries)

*_TOTAL: € 8,33_*
bit more expensive but the quality will be better. (compare 0,5W speakers and 3W speakers lol)

Technobot GSFK says:

make a solar radio please

drax agon says:

what about an tv

Hugo Flores says:


Kunal Saini says:

Dislike 🙂
PLIS Keep This Annoying Bullet Firing Sound Away From Video 🙂

Sai Perona says:

First 15 second killed headphone users

Prathamesh G says:

thanks I build it

c8mplex says:

4:01 shit in bottle xxd

Jackspedicy Tey2 says:

altoids solar radio

Trajdy says:

Key knife!!!

CreacherRDK hs says:

but i want to make it with a mid, a high, and a subwoofer.. how would i go about this? i would need bigger watt chip/amp?

tuah cool says:

hey bro, how to make a party just with bluetooth speaker and small music player , maybe like a smartwatch.??

happy tugs channel says:

Harman Kardon Esquire 2 bluetooth speaker review on my channel

knubisYT says:

bad animatio

Manuel kleh says:


reeta moosahur says:

make a big and loudest speaker

TecnoPhone says:

this can move a BIG speakers with the bluetooth?

big how this:

Cooper Slack-Smith says:

Make a phone and use your car and plug it into a Bluetooth adapter the Bluetooth adapter plug it into your car so your car Bluetooth if it’s not Bluetooth do it please

Osvaldo Alvarado says:

Do the ship in the bottle

Matija Lekovic says:

can l make it without phone jack so it’s just bluetookt?

der panda says:

mini key knife

Brennen Coy jr says:

u a smart cookie

dan TDM says:

make a speaker!

Mysterious 0207 says:

hi just want to know what is the name all of needed to make it?

hullu mylly says:

i would build wireless bt speakerbox with 10″sub 500w – 1 mid 40w and 1 high 20w

M1453 says:

wie wärs mal zum testen du sonderschüler ! mach doch mal kurz ein musik an um zu gucken ob es geht oder wie sich anhört!

Josh Maiura says:

do how to make a noose out of a toothpick

Nick Pandis says:

this good idea no

mitchellvandun800 says:

whats the kabels for the speaker u putted on to it and alson the kabels u putted together with usb female

Funny Videos says:

i have 1200 watt jbl woofers and amplifier.. i attached Bluetooth to it but only stereo comes,bass not come what to do please tell ??

liz london says:

What are the different wires

mitchellvandun800 says:

can u make a easyer tutorial?

Another Dick says:

make shit in bottle

Nasick Nadeer says:

ship in bottle

Nico Bidois says:

one Bluetooth speaker please

Hydrolics says:

wow this guy has DIY Talent

Yadhu Krishnan says:

what if I have just one big speaker??

Tadoluk22 BRObuilder says:

+ creacherRDA hs no, you can use this amplifier

andy bd says:

Awesome fail project., put sound test on this vid can help your life bro

Brian Jacobi says:

No test?

Ryan Strock says:

y is he called “American Hacker” when this dude is clearly NOT American

Tadoluk22 BRObuilder says:

why you are having jack in phon. It is bluetooth. or NO ?!!!?!!!?

Saud H says:

smart project Liked and subscribed

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