DIY Big 3D Printer – Electronics, Printing – Part 3/3

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Jim Conner says:

Truly superb work therre Thomas. Hats off to you sir. Cheers!!

dmaneiro88 says:

WOW.. you got a new subscriber. nice huge printer

RocketCityGardener says:

Now you’ll never be without a hulu hoop

Luke Cunningham says:

Hey I love this project and the great videos you made on it. I would recommend going with a direct drive extruder. The main reason Bowden is used is to reduce weight and momentum to increase speed. The build plate however, because of its size is quite heavy. This would take away the advantage of speed and make a Bowden extruder lose it’s speedy capabilities. The direct drive would be better at slower speeds and also would be better for printing things like tpu materials. Best of luck!

absurd207 says:

overall cost?

Abhishek Chaurasia says:

hats off,great job buddy, I am a big fan of yours, keep it up…

Oscar Muñoz Martinez says:

Awesome 3d printer ,what size heatbed ?

Abdo 2000 says:

hi can anyone help me
i want to know what progam is used to draw shapes to print

Venkat Raman says:

Really Amazed 🙂 What will be the accuracy level ?

Rob M says:

what firmware is it?

Jennifer Chin says:

sir how to seting you arduino plz help me

angelshce says:

But , i need to buy a thermistor and put it in the middle of the 4 heatbed ? Or just i need it one of the heateds beds? , I dont untherstant that part , The electrict part yes but not the electronic to the board

Tinkering Nerd says:

How do you control bed temperature? Do you use one bed’s thermistor as a feedback and connect all four beds in parallel, or do you control them as a separate heaters with their own feedbacks?

SURE D says:

Great build and instructable!  One question: why a bowden and not a direct extruder drive with a small planetary drive motor for high torque and low current. You could print with this setup any filament material. Why did you limit yourself with a bowden on such a sturdy printer build?

brucemangy says:

Astonishing job ! Inspiring. Thx !

Ahmed Ghazal says:

Honestly Tom, this is the best DIY 3D printer video I ever watched!

goldkante says:

Respect ! Very nice ! Thank you ! 🙂

3D Printwiz says:

How large is the build volume?

Krank is de Eerste says:

That’s a big boy.

Praveen Kumar.M says:

This is the best DIY 3D Printer tutorial I have ever seen. It will be better if you could share the 3D model files for better understanding for a beginner like me which will give more confidence to start the build. ( Many thanks for the video Thomas.

Alikaplan Kaplan says:


C. A. says:

hello, how much would you say was the total cost of making this diy printer?

Md Yousuf says:

encoder direction is not working in Marlin plz help me out

cityhunterinak says:

wow whats the final print size?

The Happy Extruder says:

Superb !! Now thats a 3d printer Kit, well done Thomas.

Michał Żelazek says:

Well done my friend really impressive. I´ve seen the print of circule on the end, so i guess area bitween heating beds is not a problam at all.
Have you noticed any problem with cuality of prints in area where beds are conected?

thx a lot for answer 😉
great project and skills

johann reinermann says:

Hey guy, really nice realization ! i think that the question has been already asked but how much is the final cost of this printer ?

John A says:

Thanks for making watchable videos!! and not 24 hours worth of live streams

Imasu says:

verry good build you should be proud of this

Uberus says:

Godly design and execution!! oO

John Batchler says:

thanks guy I already bought parts of the electronics for it.

Mohamed Zeouine says:

Respect, man

Jebidiah_Crumps says:

Im loving the all metal parts to be honest will last for ages

3DPrintingTips! says:

The result is very clean! Great job! 🙂

i raul says:

make a big print

TM CHL says:

Proper DIY ! well done mate

John Batchler says:

how big is the base

Bruno Schoofs says:

some 4 year ago i made something like this a prusa i2 times 4 also 4 heated beds and also with ramps1.4 i recently started to convert it to spindels instead off belts

Michael Fuentes says:

Do you have the 3d printed parts file for this build? Love your design and want to make it. I do not have access to a cnc to make the parts like you did and on your instructables page, it does not have any stl files to print. Great job on your build.

Ahnaf. H says:

can u share your print setting for printed part? for bed, nozzle temperature and print speed. im new in 3d printer community. thank alots.

Kirk Nelson says:

wow that 3d printer came out killer, well done! 🙂

game fanatic team Mocsa says:

This is a 3D printer and I’ve already downloaded the technical drawings but I can not find the exact part of the mini-meter at the beginning of the printer, measured from the beginning of the printer, and how high the work should be done. thanks in advance for your shoulder

Lepalakata Mongalo says:

is there a build volume limit?

Burak Demirelli says:

Can i use an arduino uno to make a 3d printer

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