DIY 3-Axis Brushless Gimbal: Acrylic, SimpleBGC, GoPro

Much better unit:

Hannover Maker Faire 2016:
I’ll be there on Saturday 28 May, testing out this weird contraption …

This video is mostly about the mechanical parts needed for a single handed gimbal. I bought a finished controller to get this done in time for the Maker Faire Hannover. Once I have all quirks figured out I might make another, better version.


icegoogles says:

dein bohrer ist bei 3:15 abgebrochen! “uneventful” also? oder sollte das ironie sein!?

Sinan Akkoyun says:


sokalowy says:

just buy a 3D printer, it will save you a lot of nerves work and materials 😉

David L. says:

It’s a borg!

Bill Todd says:

Love your sense of humour Marco 🙂

Loloanes Barutu says:

hello, can i ask something about this stuff?
i have a friend. he does the final test about this stuff. i really want to help him, but i dont really know about this. he made stabilizer for camera, but it always error. (x) and (y) isnt 0. how to fix it? can you leave some contact? thank you before

E_404 says:

Nobody noticed that there is an s missing in the thumbnail?

k.v.Narasimha Murthy says:

bro you named the video diy

Dávid Mókos says:

De rossz a kivitelezés.. hát ilyen instabil műanyaggal az életbe nem fogja bestalilizálni ha 6 axis van benne akkor sem

Vishal Sharma says:

Nice …why not 3d print instead acrylic parts ..just asking

Tuyen Pham says:

Your use of the module, the main public

StopLossLOL says:

4:05 – i laughed out loud! 😀

Bobby Richardson says:

Excellent video! When you mentioned Hannover I had to smile, because back in the 70’s I lived in Shoeningen. I could look out my bedroom window and wave to the guards in an East German guard tower across the border. Yeah, I lived inside the 1k Zone…. 🙂

iMeMySelf says:

I love your dry humour! 😀

Sancho life says:

Very interesting! Thanks!

jared robinson says:

You sound like an evil master mind. XD

valveman12 says:

Marco Reps
Great build.
I wish my workshop was as organized.
I have some work to do. 😉

Tomas Av. says:

4:06 it just got epilepsy :DDDDDD

Joshua Lorenzo says:

that reminds me of GlaDOS. can u make GlaDOS?

Andrés Ascencio says:

Knorkator song was unexpected, but very cool 😉


Have you Got, in anywhere, all the DIY?

Waaris Aboobaker says:

Your sense of humor killed me at 1:03! haha thanks for the video

Oliver Carr says:

2:13 When you value the quality of your work more than your fingers

Michael Rinkle says:

+1 for narration! Subscribed because you show the failures as well!

Chris Leech says:

@Marco Reps, Sure this is a year old but I didn’t know about you then and plus now, I cannot comment on your scientific instrument repairs like the Keathley(sp?) . I made an EDIT: less is more>> I suggested that you might have overlooked the excellent opensource STorM32 BGC, using the ultra fast NT sensors and now the new encoders of the T-STorM version, plus!!! they are still actively upgrading enhancing and releasing firmware and hardware implementation. For handheld or RC use it is unshakable. Basecam is then much more profit oriented, but still chugging along nicely, I was surprised to find out :O
Whatever., in the larger picture it doesn’t matter unless perhaps budgetary constraints or you like the new developments in something that the average consumer takes fore granted largely until it fails

Hilldu Tech says:

i want it please

khalil Smith says:

where did you buy the parts from?

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