[D.I.Y.] How to Store and Organise Electronic Parts (Arduino Project)

-This tutorial is for all the people that have a basic knowledge in electronics and would like to organise there electronical components
-In this video, I’m showing you how to build a complete automatic drawer finder
-I’ve added subtitles so you guys could understand my english properly
-If you guys have any questions, comment in the section below and I will answer as soon as possible 🙂

Final program interface and arduino codes:

You could just send me a private message on my facebook page. I’ll give it to you 🙂
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kevin guiot says:


Parker John says:

I don’t what to say !
This is perfect in every way.

Nickolay Pelov says:

This is very nice if you have time and you want to learn how to use some 74xx logic, but wouldn’t it be faster (to implement, not the search itself) if the program gave you a box-row-column address instead of lighting the led. Yes, the led is more convenient, but it takes less time to print the numbers on labels and put them on the drawers.

kevin guiot says:

Where is the programme

pascal sapin says:

votre projet est tout simplement super, j’ai moi-même tout un tas de casiers et je commence a prendre beaucoup de temps pour chercher une piece;
je penses que je vais me lancer.
j’aimerais bien aussi les soft qui est super bien fait, même sans utiliser des leds pour la visualisation

par contre je ne suis pas sur facebook donc comment pourrais-je vous demandé ???


LDamiGamer says:

Very cool project 🙂
You should makes a slowy video, because pics are to speed for read them 🙂

ElectroTube says:

one of the best tutorial ive ever seen,
good luck with the channel!

Brij Lal says:

Enjoyable for those who love to do electronics. Otherwise it’s too much time and effort compared to other alternatives like labeling the drawers/arranging the drawers in alphabetical order. THE BEST if somebody else makes this for you.

kevin guiot says:

Where is the programme

Sivaprasad .p.s says:

good work

RookTV says:

What if I only have 3 or 4 parts to put in the drawers?

Digger D says:

I like my system better.  Number each box and keep a spreadsheet of each component and the box it’s in.  Less parts, less time and I can print it out in case my computer goes down 😉

kevin guiot says:

Where is the programme

szlatyka says:

…or you could make stickers with the part name on it and stick it on the little drawers. Nice project nonetheless.

Siti Nhzmhh says:

Hi. Can you give me your email? because i need to ask you about this project. i hope you dont mind 🙂

Luis Ruíz says:

Nice video, very nice project.
Just don’t forget this: the more you are improving in electronics, the less you wanna use arduino. 😀 Just some advice… don’t take it wrong!

En Person says:

I really need this system in my home. I am a real slob when it comes to organizing and putting my stuff where I later can find it.

kevin guiot says:

The programme

Cédric Badmington says:

Very nice DIY !
Just another idea if you want upgrade your hack in the future
Try to print stackables box in 3D and make a mapper in your software for define the slaves areas based on a basic unit 1×1 (default case) 
Its finally just a grid system but this idea can offer more various customisations and can use various types of cases

MeshoXPS3 says:


dweller says:

this is very interesting because i have a plan to build my own electronic store, and i have this design on my mind but now i see its working, thank for sharing this video very appreciated…good luck if u have a next project and god bless

Grant Gupton says:

I love that idea! I never thought of that! So creative!

1powelrainbow2 says:

wow…you’ve got some salesman skills 😀 working as one?

Fo7x says:

thumbs up for this project!

mark bau says:

Will you be making the code for this project available?

super cool Gamer says:

Do u live in France

kevin guiot says:

Where is the programme

Flaviu Hossu says:


Woanders One says:

This is awesome. Great work and video.

Horváth Zsolt says:

Excellent Video!!!
7404 inversor instead of gd74ls07?
And can arduino uno R3?
What needs to change?

Marrion Egling says:

Awesome project, i look forward to making this 🙂

Siddhartha Chatterjee says:

Awesome !! Why don’t you make and sell the systems ? I think i am talking to the next billionaire !! Super !!

ramosel says:

Nice job! Good presentation too.

sergio ulloa says:

And now there is kickstarter project about this, I feel bad tbh. I will say, they stole the idea from you.

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