Ben Builds: DIY Easy Coilgun | Electronic Projectile Launcher

Today we make a homemade coilgun from parts laying around the shop. Using some capacitors and a switch and some other parts, we create an electromagnetic launcher capable to launching a small sharpened nail ~10ft using just the power of electromagnetism.

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Created by Benjamin Bogard

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Luis Gomez says:

Great vid! Keep up the good work. One of my favorite channels to watch while I’m working on my pc

A Hungry Kid In Africa says:

I didn’t know gays liked things shooting away from their face.

Dark Knight says:

So tell me if I’m wrong but the more coil tes the more power to penetrate ?

Jackson Osborne-coy says:

Can i pull this off with one capacitor thanks for making the video

Pidasian Hippie says:

That was a fun project.

SuperGarryGamer says:

Looks awesome!

naelis vega says:

I’m not sure if that dude is a chick or that chick is a dude

Samuel Petrina says:

Why do you have deadly capacitors laying around the shop?

WatermelonGaming says:

When are you gonna build a closet so you can come out of it

Uzair Ahmed says:

Your WAY too close to the camera. I clicked on this video and got the shit scared out of me.

Luffy says:

Good video.

Hedrix | Hardware says:

i would use 10 parrallel 1kV 0,05 uF capacitor.

Divided Reality says:

A little bit more work, and BOOM! Fallout 4 gauss rifle!

Электроника says:


Xeno Matic says:

That thing doesn’t act like you or I. It doesn’t blink. Its not human.

zaki mohamed says:


xelodaki says:

don’t be so fricking close to the camera, it looks horrifying. Good video

Seth Valencia says:

why can’t u speak like a human

ryan lumley says:

saftey. @7.12 if this had fired, running a wall supply. u may have more than felt it.

Zombie4416 says:

jesus fuck dude don’t put your weird face so close to the camera man lol

Strange Meursault says:

Did you consider using supercapacitors? Also, great channel.

edwardlui531 says:

y parellel not series?

StarTrek123456 says:

pro tip: don’t use hot glue.

damien resendez says:

random question for anyone. first time I have seen this but what would happen is there were multiple coils for the nail to go through?

Kuda Tvoyxep says:

such awful plastic surgery

Estefano V. says:

ur a god

Jackson Osborne-coy says:

Ok thanks for the input also big fan

{MLP} Rainbow Dash says:

If I end up making one, it’s going to launch drill bits

alex van rijswijk says:

hey old granny here you could die if it is above 35v so i just wanted to say that but you shouldnt care i know i dont i just want to scare a couple of babys out there goodnight m8

Zack Frost says:

dude those capacitors are weak af the flash capacitors from a disposable camera run at 330 vdc and there smaller than youre thumb

jason teh says:

Question: how to know the capacitor is fully charge?

Denzven Vadakkan says:

This is so huge , can u make a portable coil gun ?????

Arsh Malik says:

hey ben … can i know how many turns have you given to the coil and thickness of wire 🙂

SniperClan Gaming says:

Nice mate im gonna make a shotgun varient

Salvatore Coppola says:

E comm si brutt

Naz says:

I think you could add an infrared sensor at the end of the coil, this way, when the bullet is detected, the coil is turned off during maximum velocity

Fargutin says:

You could have use some phototransistors to turn of the coil when the projectile hits the middle of the coil

Riding With Dustin says:

The cringe is real

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