Beginners Guide to Mixing e Liquid – DIY eJuice Tutorial

A comprehensive ‘how to’ guide on the basics of mixing e-juice / e-liquid for electronic cigarettes. Being able to mix your own fluids really drives down the costs of vaping and offers endless flexibility with your flavours, vapour production, throat-hit and strength.
Visit to download my Excel mixing calculator, a great recipe and also a document which covers the subjects discussed in this video. Email me at with any requests for a table with your desired strength, PG/VG ratio, volume and flavour percentage.


matty d says:

5mil a day is a lot?

rt2wshpMyWay says:

I use clear nail polish, as you can use it to seal most everything on most anything. You may have solved a problem I have been having, you suggested mixing distilled water with the VG, to help with the atomizer – going to give that a try, Thanks!

Tina Kingsley says:

i think cigarettes are more habitual than they are addictive

Daniel Hunter-L'Argent says:

can you make normal VG into AVG I make high VG vape and find my liquid too thick ?

korbyn stiles says:

Awsome video tutorial and in english you can understand. Wow..just wow!… Ive been vaping for 3 years buying my flavours. Im on the new adventure to make my own and watching your vid is inspirational. Thanks mate..:)

Teri Franklin says:

Thanks for sharing this valuable info!

Charmaine van der Watt says:

I found you video very interesting.  I started vaping two weeks ago and have not had a cigarette since.  I want to mix my own juice now, but I am a bit stuck.  I have PG and VG.  So is VG like AG??? And my nicotine is only 36mg.

jim hunter says:

Great vids your cool man but where can I get your calculator ?

Paul Delamotte says:

Thax for the help mate, good work

Crystal Peterson says:

Thank you so much!!! This was fantastic. You can paint clear nail polish on your syringe to save the numbers. Thanks again

Keith A says:

Thank you for this vid m8 really help me out

Terry Stanley says:

Thanks for an informative and concise video. Will wait until I,m near the end of my pre-made liquids and give it a go

A Yes says:

I like you, cause most people judge me before they know me… probably just like you… an intelligent sensible human being. what a world we live in. fuck me. it’s hard.

Conor Doherty says:

This was my introduction to DIY mixing. When I started sub ohming, I noticed how it was starting to clean my wallet out, just like tobacco did. I now point sub ohming friends and colleagues to this. Thanks for your time and effort. Gold!

Hollows 21 says:

Love Totally Wicked’s Vape mods. Which they just open up one of their shops near my place.

Zwizzor says:

I wish you would just skip that shitty nicotine history part

graham reddock says:

Hi great video and very instructive, quick question for you… where did you get the 1ml syringe. looked on totally wicked but they only have the 10ml syringes

Pafiro says:

thx it helped me very detailed

Derek Payne says:

thanks for the video. It does help.

Lewis Griffiths says:


TGP Gaming says:

very good video.. although the music in the background is very distracting and i would suggest to keep a noise free background.  But good tutorial 😉

Joshua Smith says:

Thanks for the video man. Very informative and actually entertaining. Got yourself a subscriber.

ツfaTali_ _OFWツ says:

Could you use Fanta or coje

Jem Pro says:

Whats a book?

Matt Hartley says:

Will Totally Wicked have to stop selling these soon?

jay jizzle says:

try 20 a day

Levi Keith says:

wtf? lol

faraan zubair says:

cant watch anymore because of your ugly face

NED NAB says:

the calculator file is corrupted and can’t be opened

Hassan Radwan says:

Really helpful video. Thank you so much for taking the time and effort to do this. I’m still researching how to make my own eliquid. Your video is one of the best so far (along with Amsterdam Vapes).

Johnny G says:

Dude Thanks you answered a lot of questions my wife and i had about making our own juice keep up the great vids

Meer Sta says:

i don’t want to vape again…
this man is disgusting!

Brady Bodamerm says:

wtf are u

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