Banggoods DIY 4 Digit LED Electronic Clock Kit.

I build, test and review this Banggood LED clock kit. Is it any good?
Link to Bangoods web site

Note..this is NOT a paid review. Completely unbiased.


supercheekykiwi says:

Great work. Enjoyed. I’m a noob when it comes to these things. I’m wanting to get this and put it into a custom wooden case. Do you think it is achievable to not have the buttons and power jack on the board itself. As in have it mounted where I want on my case. My simple mind thinks running a wire from the board to where I want the individual components would work. Am I way off?

Ron Thompson says:

Did any of you guys get directions with there kit,I built mine ,it lights up let me set the time,once the time is set,the time doesn’t seem to move forward,if anyone has any ideas of any sort please text was kind of a fun kit to build now I want to start to keep time ,everything light up and I can set time but it does start moving forward

WannaDuino! The Real Live says:

3th led matrix is upside down

spinnerpete says:

I have built 2 of these, They now come with a darkened plastic film for over the front of the display, Mine have blue led’s and they look great, They have stopped giving you a battery though, Do you know what type of battery it is?

Tim Lipinski says:

Do they do a six digit clock kit ?  And can you connect a GPS board to keep the clock on time ?  tjl

kodtech says:

I bought the blue version, and after 1h i have had a good and nice clock…. The clock chime counts the hour.

Max Harddrive says:

Ok, I got this kit in the mail, had a good time assembling it over two evenings and it worked as soon as I plugged it in. Does anyone have a clue what the – 1 – – 2 – or – 3- etc.. is in the display when it cycles through the date, temp every minute or so? I have no idea what that is for and why it displays and there is nothing in the instructions about it. Also, not sure why but my battery that retains the clock settings exploded after having run for a day or so. Blew right off the back. Clock still works fine though. Also, the blue display is too dim with the foil over the digits to see at night time from across the room so I just put a jumper in the spot where the sensor was and eliminated the sensor all together. Looks great now, no dimming however which is ok with the blue digits.

iceberg789 says:

a green cellophane / filter will bump up the contrast, but it may also ruin the show.

WannaDuino! The Real Live says:

and you have your trisistor and foto sensor wrong placed they must be outside the box for GOOD results.

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