Arduino ECU Electronic Igntion and Fuel Injection

My project to create an Engine Control Unit to control a fuel injector and ignition timing. This is a video of those features working.

The ECU also does closed loop lambda feedback control.

Crank sensor
Electronic Ignition
Electronic Fuel Injection
Briggs and Stratton running

See more about it here:


Gadgit83 says:

I believe this is from a Ford Sierra, but I think mostly they are all very similar from port injected cars. It’s just like driving a solenoid.

J Cruz says:

Hi, Im interesting to do an arduino work like this… for a Renault 5 1984, could you share some files or doccumentation about your project. Like de injectors you have used or  the sensor… Greetings 

Stephane Van Der Merwe says:

nice! where did you get the injector?

Thomaz Oliveira says:

Hi I am a Electronics Teacher in Brazil, I’ve been teaching electronics for two years and the first student that I have been able to work with is aptempting to build a project similar to yours, I worked in audio projects in my PHD because I love music and I sugest this work to this student since he is crazy by cars, maily turbo engines, I rather prefer V8s.  But this is another topic.   I think that we will use a old carburated VW AP engine 1.6L from the 1980s.   If you can help us a bit.   He is doing his work as a graduate final course project.   If you could help us with information I would be very greatfull.  It seems that we cannot find many information on ECUs on the internet.  Please send us your email so we can exchange information.  We intent to use arduino as base for the ECU also.

Michael Quirke says:

great project! is there any reason you decided to go with an op amp based vr conditioner over a dedicated vr chip like an ncv1124? i want to build an arduino based ecu for my 4 cylinder engined car one day…

nandosuke nanda says:

Wow, could we adapt it for an 4 cylinder gasoline engine?

ChargerMiles007 says:

WOW, lots of electronics there!
Any idea of the injection duration say at idle?

James Steggles says:

Brilliant work. The link to your website appears to no longer work.

Bruno Araujo says:

How did you made the arduino recognize the lambda?

Natural Inversion says:


brenamanf says:

I’m trying to make the same !

toobukume says:

my brother is having trouble with the carbs on his dirtbike so we were thinking about doing arduino fuel injection for it! we’ll leave the ignition stock for now for simplicity’s sake. thanks for the motivation!

ChargerMiles007 says:

Thanks for the info. I know basic electronics, but am lost at this level of complexity, so I am thinking of trying a mechanical/ electrical set up. Basically a small carbon brush sliding on a circular plate, with a narrow copper strip on it, being driven at crankshaft speed, as it is for a 2 stroke engine.I would be using an injector from a small car engine. I will have to do a sketch and some math to see what the injector duration would work out to be, probably take a miracle for it to work! 🙂

superbee1970 says:

Awesome build man! You were first hit when I searched for arduino fuel injection! Still reading about setup, however wondering why you would use manual trim pots when you have a controller that can do this for you and at a faster and more accurate level based on feedback from engine exhaust and possible exhaust temp? Keep up great work and thnx for great post and info! U ROK!

Gadgit83 says:

There is more information available on my website, and an example of how accurate the timing is. I managed to achieve about 3 degrees accuracy without much effort, I think 1 degree is quite doable

benda95280 says:

maybe you can find something useful …

Dave Mills says:

Seems like a whole lota extra junk to break. Whats wrong with the old gravity fed carburetor and magneto. Been working fine for a hundred years now. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

Andrey Belomutskiy says:

How precisely do you control timing? 60000000 us / 6000rpm / 360 degree = 27 us for one degree precision. What values are achievable with Arduino?

I am working on an ECU based on stm32

Артур Ар says:

you cool idea
if you is not difficult, send a sketch for Arduino

josh myers says:

seems awfully complex replacement for a set of points and condenser

Gadgit83 says:

The electronics aren’t too complicated really, they’re just in separate boxes. Certainly the fuel injector driver is the simplest part.

Idle requires a single pulse per revolution (so two pulses per full cycle) of around 1.5 ms, but that’s obviously specific to the flow rate of my injector which I’m not sure about – it’s pretty oversized.

Alfred says:

how does the engine run compared to carbourator? how’s the exhaust? is the fuel mixture pretty even? I’m not an environmental freak but I was wondering how more efficient this runs and the differences, it be cool to build something like this for a lawn tractor for fun, I got more than adequate mechanical knowledge but probably inadequate knowledge building arduino devices, pretty awesome you made something like this, and screw the haters calling this pointless, i think its fascinating

zero696 says:

Sir, you have all my respect.

Thank you for sharing such an incredible project.

zmiling999 says:

can you show me about your code of arduino plz ?
Coz. I want to study about this project. I think it’s interesting.
E-Mail :

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