Amazing DIY Pocket PC

Hello Friends, in this video i will show you How to Make a Pocket PC. im using the Raspberry Pi 3 and 3.5inch TFT Display with Touchscreen for Making it. its very portable and very easy to make. You can Power up with Mobile Charger or Power bank

Things That i used:
3.5 Inch LCD Display:
Raspberry Pi 3 Model B:
LD 16GB Micro SD Card:

Driver Link:

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Kaahan Agarwal says:

best pc ever

just watch mufti says:

2:54 like if u saw watch dogs 2 icon

Fred Fadungy says:

wash your hands they are all stained up

Awakened_Online says:

It’s nopt a pc, it’s a raspberry….

Filthy Pixels says:

People are going to look back at videos like this and wonder why this music exists.

New Bangla channel..@ says:

agula kothay pab ar prais kot

willy boy Flores says:


Deepak Ghule says:


p0rt3r says:

When using a Raspberry Pi for running your smart home, that little screen might come in handy for debugging and stuff. I like it.

nigel R says:

Phones now are actually more powerful and useful.

Ryan Allen says:

Ugh…..this fkn music is SOOOO BAD

Tejas Potdar says:

There is no on screen keyboard

Bitcoin Greenbox says:

Needs a battery and on screen keyboard.

amit yoel says:

Doesn’t PC stands for “Pocket Computer”? Then Pokect Po ket Computer lol

I love bass ILB says:

What is the first background song called?

Vip Ja says:

You have chosen good logo sir .

priti gaikar says:

Can we attach 3.2 inch display instead of 3.5

ScO7E says:

But can you play fortnite on it?

Isaac says:

Good Idea, Like very much!! Will build myself one now!! Excellent Description in video.

Kaahan Agarwal says:

this is the coolest pc ever

Eddie Yew says:


PiGoElectronics PiGoElectronics says:

Very cool. And a good reason to try out raspberry pi and see if it can beat Arduino

Rusty James says:

Nice. Now make me a vid about why in the hell I would EVER WANT TO DO THIS!!!!!!!

iLoveMusic says:

Красиво но бесполезно .

Mark says:

But can it play Minecraft?

eutuxisbd choumadakis says:

Music breal my balls

Jacobus Adriaanse says:

As far as a D.I.Y. project is concerned: not bad
Screw what the haters say, cause haters will always be hating up until the world ends with the eruption of the Super-Volcano located in Yellowstone Park in the near future.
So continue making assembly videos detailing what to do, cause in my opinion that classifies as being a legitimate D.I.Y. video.

Iron Man says:

bro I want this please !
I need it

Amazing World says:

its not a pocket PC…its just a pocket display

Ömà Âr Öptimiste says:

how to know which driver I have to install for any screen?

Julia Jhonson says:

How much cost is this?

harryk147 says:

so basically a worse phone

TransistorSnacks says:

just because something needs assembly doesnt make it diy, also you didnt show adding a battery, or adding an on screen keyboard, and also telling someone to run a mysterious script isnt trustworthy

Ahamed Riyadh says:

16 GB SD card only

I love bass ILB says:

Nice video liked it alot!

Mr Bonono says:

Literally everyone and their grandma had done this, you should have done something more unique

AmstradExin says:

A Pie is a ‘PC’ ? Ok, then my washing machine is a PC too.

GAMEnzo says:

You save me
I had paid the RPI and the screen
But I don’t know
Use other screen

Filippo Reutener says:

Why is there always such terrible background music in videos like that?

Coady Barker says:

A question can you play free online games with it

anugrah kumar says:

just buy a smartphone

Kaahan Agarwal says:

dude how much did it cost you for the project

M3NI 021 says:

I’ve made this, plus with a 3D printed case

Jake Black says:

How is it a Pocket PC if a) You need to connect it to a wall power outlet and b) you need to use a keyboard?

Video fail. Disliked.

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