6 useful things from DC motor – DIY Electronic Hobby

Checkout 6 cool things that can be made using DC Motor.
Video Presented by: Sriram Benur


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Yargadarg Productions says:

One thing I learned from watching a lot of these kind of videos is you better have a lot of hot glue.

Reggie Radio says:

eh, i dont like measuring things because it involves math…so im thumbing down this video… see ya

tristan Korstanje says:

the fhirst life hack and the second life hack

Orestis Antonopoulos says:

Genius…! epic alarm clock 😀

Bethany Lourias says:

it seems like all the videos that are “speechless” play irritating techno music.

Mati Campagnano says:

Hello friend, where can I get or where to get the engines that you used for the cellulalr loader and the one you used to stir the eggs? I wait your answer and thank you very much

Leonardo Lima says:

Cara, eu queria ter a porra da sua criatividade! Muito legal

ikilledcaptainstupid says:

13:50 best part



Tuan Sathiyan says:

Very good ideas Thanks..

Rıdvan Poyraz says:

helal olsun

slowboat says:

why do these vids all the same terrible sound track, I can’t call it music LOL.

Paulo Victor Barbosa says:

mano qual site vc compra esses motores mano?

edoardo amaldi says:


Dhavoc002 says:

crazy alarm!!

Emperor Ender says:

9:00 the longest time a supply list is shown, LESS THAN 1 SECOND!

Serge Loma says:

Когда собаке делать нечего она яйца лижет. Хуйня какая-то!

Edu-magics says:

badiya tha , bhaiya. cool videos,excellence creativity ,you are my one of the best subscribed channel

abdul raheem says:

nice project

edoardo amaldi says:

porco diobastardo

IamJiva says:

If you will remove 1 of 3 rotor collector coils, you will get vibromotor, you can achieve disbalance other way, drill(remove) some rotor iron,or put some glue in free space, for example put superglue in one coil

Flipz RBP says:

water alarm is peic ahha

Xander Brown says:

over used song

Vukašin Pijevac says:


meet parmar says:

which song is that ?? #l

murugan anand says:


ghaith allah wesleti says:


Shivam Yadav says:

ye mini moter khan milte hai

王晨 says:

this music i’m very like.what’s the name?

jexus titan says:

Hello sorry for the inconvenience but what is the 3:54 minute song

FireNitrix says:

what is the thing at 7:12 (7805 IC)??

Matias Gordillo says:

good video

Aditya Shinde says:

charging the smat phone in this video is totally FAKE.
at 8.47 usb is pure white in color & at 8.49 the black line on it. that is another cable is connect to mobile.
totally FAKE….

john lard says:

Hi I’m an “empty sponge” Where electronics are concerned, does anyone know what type of Mosfet was used to build the mobile phone charger? I’m guessing it must be a 5v one, but how do you know which one to get?
(Great vid BTW, handy to know when society breaks down and the power goes out, lol)

The Entertainment Channel says:

I’ve seen those are really good for building a bandsaw.

Jai Eee says:


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