3 Ideas about making DIY gadget projects for a smartphone

Today I am going to share 3 ideas about making DIY gadget projects for a smartphone. In spite of the fact that you can buy it all many people are still trying to find ways save their money on such expenses. Just as in our case you can make fine DIY projects from old USB plugs torn by your pets. For instance you can make a flashlight, an adapter and make an earphones or microphone input plug case either from old or new USB plugs!
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nitesh kumar swami says:

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Brayan G G says:

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dimension w says:

what the name for the octopus clipper stand? ive only seen em for camera tripods

Ali Shima says:

Roman what else can I use instead of the solder?? plz reply

Alee Tree lee says:


Reece Fletcher says:

Come on guy we’ve got to get him to 1,000,000

munny0051 says:

thumbnail plus my intelligence bring me here….

Scarlet Streak says:

how the fuck is this a diy

Ron Razib says:

How much ohm you used in the resistance ?

Mas Dull says:

Nice project and i like it

Zabir Ahmed says:

2:40 I like that

Ramon Tondopo Velazquez says:

Excelente video

Juan Carlos martinez fiestas says:

las pinzas de soporte donde las puedo comprar?

Scott Varley says:

I’m probably going to do all of these. my headphones just broke, and I was going to buy some new ones, but I think I’ll do this instead

Scott Varley says:

I’m probably going to do all of these. my headphones just broke, and I was going to buy some new ones, but I think I’ll do this instead

Cycu _ says:

the last one I was looking for. Thanks 🙂

Asim Huseynov says:


Cynthia C Thomas says:

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MusicWizard says:

I like deez vids but i hate this voice.

Anish Lastking says:

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Red Wolf53 says:

1:13 wow

Rupesh Pradhan says:

how to make a sering needle fire that u shown in your video


good project

TheAdventureZeoul says:

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sai singh says:

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Dhaas Pengnoo says:

micro USB to USB – thumbdrive that how to make for iphone -ipad (ios) and can we transfer a data -vdo -pic from iphone -ipad to thumbdrive .

Abhinav Singh says:

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Crafting Hours says:

This one looks simply superb. I’d love to make this soon. Thanks a lot for this video!

Fanmaster59 says:

Your voice is so fucking annoying

connie paris says:

First of all, MUTE, secondly WHY?

dimension w says:

nvm i found em With LED Third Hand Tool, Helping Hands, Soldering, Electronics, DIY Third Hand Soldering Solder iron stand

GLAY* mostrey says:

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JJ random :v says:

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www.GPcarAudio.com says:

is the thumbnail some sort of electrified stabbing device that plugs into the phone?
Oh wait, no that’s clickbait

eu-ET invention says:


Danny2465 says:


wafa khan Shooter says:

Ur genyus broooooo

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