3 DIY Projects for your Smartphone! TUTORIAL

vibration chair: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yypKrJN3sEE
powerball: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sEZ70enfjPc

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kit lenses : https://goo.gl/whK4u1
Selfiestik: https://goo.gl/9bExyK
Thong: https://goo.gl/jflQO2


Happy Go Lucky “5 min edit” by Scott Holmes

Chasing Shadows by Scott Holmes


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Zlatan Ibrahimovic Paul Pogba says:

The one that helps you hold your phone you can get a better one it’s called a popsocket

Georgi Tsvetanov says:

Maaaah Niggaa

Ace Rimmer says:

Hey Rulof hello.
I have left arm nerve damage and struggle to hold my phone or type.
can you Make a “Vambrace” to hold the phone on my left arm ?.
could add a torche ,speaker, extra battery for taser.
I need, show me how please.

Viral Hacker says:

Hey try champcash
Enter refral id and get 1$ signup bonus

Challenge required

Eli Peter says:

“Don’t use that crappy front-facing camera!” *Builds a reflector that obscures/distorts image*

vishnu rnair says:

you rock….greetings from India

Memes at their finest says:

rip iphone seven users

RE ERAM CAPO 1 says:

thank u for hack number 3 its very good

Lars says:

Haha if Apple doesnt do it, heres rulof


Well..the ass is the new way to get subscribers

TechGuy2005 says:


Cloa Jia says:


Crazy animal lover Wildlife photographer says:

Which wood are u using

Mahdor says:

Damn I was so sure that u gonna put her phone number in the discreption below 🙁 or her YouTube channel 😉

bdawgx1 knives and vlogs says:

I think this is obvious, but you don’t have to use a thong string. not pointing that out was killing me!!!

Javier Ocon says:

these are actually pretty good. they do make the ring that you have as an attachment for a case or for the phone. the wooden handle was pretty clever.

Carn Soaks says:

tops, thanks for eye candy you bad man

Pasi Kuikka says:

I like how you always walk close to the camera again and again :DD

Davide il grande says:

Grande rulof

FazlyPlayGames says:

Comments here: 20% request, 10% good comments, and 70% ass

Jumplight99 says:

Ficking ingenious

Forsaken Waka says:

“My IPhone goes inside, doesn’t fall out. I connect the jack and…. oh….” #IPhone7user Still a great project!

Regrets says:

wtf did i just watch

Jimmy Harris says:

that ass big

Fizz_iz meme! says:

Wtf was the 2nd one

Crazy animal lover Wildlife photographer says:

Which wood are u using

How to Dostroy says:


honour moore says:

wtf, the random hooker was not needed lol

snakeN64 says:

Dam dude u borrowed a supermodel


2:43 are u fucking kidding me?

Taylor Hubbell says:

These were all great! Thanks!

Amine TV says:

2:44 haha nice ass maaan xD hh

Linda velasquez says:


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