3 Amazing Homemade Things – Cool DIY Project Ideas | Hack Room

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Olivia Dunc says:


Graciela Escobar says:

hack room rules forever

Phoenix 079 says:


Fluffy Spicey Turtles says:

Amazing XD

AJDoes Stuff says:

Sub to me I will sub back

Friends Perfect says:

Please subscribe to my channel 🙂 Thanks for the support


Wow!Very good!

nidhi singh says:

Why will we have these materiAls at home

yitz says:

I subbed

Tyson Voller says:

sub to dantdm

Avra Mitra says:


Liomalis Torres says:

And a wiser checa

Ethean Duplantier says:

what is the name of tge music that is played

Link Cyberspace says:

what is the song?

akshay kalash says:

jst subscribed,wish to see more awsm vids like this

tim brook says:

“homemade” cus everyone has a solder laying around in their house

ISAAC Sanchex says:


t3m3lkoV 1337 says:

lel nice

Bryce Turner says:

Are those fifty millimeter hex head machine screws?

nightimedemon says:

ill finally be able to distory my enemies

Evan Stockman says:

Your such a genius

Smshhamstr c4 says:

please show me what to buy and their names so i can make this plz!!!!!!!!!!!!

Derrick Murphy says:

your good

Youtube Gaming says:

I subscribed! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! plz send back reply

Jonphy 李 says:

I m so worry about many times you make the glue in your hand . XD

Liomalis Torres says:

Mack a gun

Mison skate says:

Is he addicted to that glue gun?

jayden shadlow says:

love how you tape the exposed wires..
As if one of those tiny batterys would hurt you, you can stick it on your tongue and barely feel anything.

Coen Wahnschaffe says:

Where do you get the supplies to do this stuff?

Саша москалу says:

Как дела у тебя

Magic, Vlogs and more says:

Dis is not home things

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