10 Homemade Inventions You Need to See

You are watching 10 homemade life hacks and tricks and you
can do at home.simple incredible tricks.
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10 Life hacks that you can do it when you are bored.

1.Homemade 3D Hologram Projector for phones:https://youtu.be/9t0cOYvOy4M
2.Coin secret safe life hack:https://youtu.be/8v_9KkDABKI
3.Never Tangle Earbuds LifeHack:https://youtu.be/Q54VjqrIsYQ
4.iPhone Spy Camera – Lifehack:https://youtu.be/9YbMzKN6Wt4
5.Make Your Own Private Theater Box:https://youtu.be/zBit4giG8ng
6.How To Charge a Phone With Old DVD Drive:https://youtu.be/Jib-6qbTZTg
7.How To Make Clothespin Wire Stripper:https://youtu.be/hJ-_yXeSPvI
8.Make Phone Case from Shampoo Bottle!:https://youtu.be/KhPBA1Gkj7c
9.How To Make: Strike Anywhere Matches!:https://youtu.be/Jn1BwijxiYU
10.New i3DG Hologram for Smartphones and Tablets:https://youtu.be/2PH_WpO0_Io


Turles says:

For the fifth project on the video instead of using an single diode LED you could use one of those LED lights from a flashlight so you have an even more effective flashlight.

American Hacker says:

popular right now 3 simple ideas with motors:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HJzJYQhgO40

Alexander Semundset says:

My friend found this funny looking usb i made in my drawer, and connected it to my desktop to see if it worked.. 🙁

cerealchild1 says:

Id love to know how he comes up with these interesting ideas!!

brad tyler says:

rename ;10 pointless inventions you don’t need

FORS4TAN says:

24:55 LMAO xD

DUBROVSKИЙ Тохан says:

I dont know. You dont need protector for the 18650 battery?

Cristian Xule says:

Es una mierda

Jared Sheehan says:

what music did you use during the video

John La Marca says:

What’s the point in damaging what took so long to create?

The Afterlife Production says:

I dont need ur invention..FUCK ur things..

Manisha Singh says:

You are greatest men my scientist

IURIi ILiN says:

Safe yourself and children on the road. Bicycle RUSSIA – the BEST!!!

The Rainbow Bird says:

12:25 crap I completely missed let me go again crap crap crap I keep missing oh wait now I got it

MattyE says:

Why would you want a USB killer

JD Fun TV HD says:

Music is SHIT!!! Gave me a HEADACHE

Tushar Wagh says:


AKASH says:

I don’t like USB killer

AMSCA comedy says:

Does it really break gadgets or just turn it off

Bobitza aka NoobulPlictisit says:

At least say what You are building, we need to skip to see the outcome

Wood Art Ireland Home Design says:

you dont need 2h work to fuck up your laptop , take cup of water and put it on the top of it and thats it ….few secs loll

Benny Lim says:

i need the first 1 project item

Michael Almodovar says:

I randomly started watching these videos but I don’t see a Point to any of these inventions

Peter Shinn says:

Please play the tedious parts of videos, like cutting, in fact motion. Otherwise, it’s like watching paint dry!

Paul Marotta says:


karan tech all technology says:

Not good harm devoce

Juli The Wolf says:

Why would you even do that?

Sjoerd Wesselius says:

4. Wire

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