$0.79 LM358 Breathing Lamp Electronics DIY Kit – Assembly and Review

In this video I’ll be assembling and reviewing the LM358-based soldering kit form Aliexpress/ebay.
It uses the double opamp to generate a square wave that feeds a transistor which in turn powers LEDs.

The one I bought can be found here:
Blue Led 5MM Light LM358 Breathing Lamp Parts Kit Electronics DIY Interesting Product Suite

On My Way Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License


onurolce says:

you are measuring bad in 01:41. one of your hand should not touch to Ohmmetre’s probe.

Ideatronic says:

7:51 What is that? Que es eso? Para que lo utilizas

syth406 says:

It’s absolutely incredible that we can just buy a kit that contains a micro controller off the internet for less than a dollar. What a time to be alive.

Thomas Samoht says:

Why you all keep on saying that the circuit is pretty useless? If you’re into pc modding or want to add some special light effects to your project, this kit is what you’re looking for…

Trent Sterling says:

Hey man – great video quality. I only recently got into circuits – a new 2017 hobby I guess. Hope to see a lot more from you!

matt- kan says:

the point is Hongkong shops import cheap components from China and sell them with high price. after the invention of e commerce like alibaba , ebay , we can buy components with reasonable price via internet

Wojciech Jakubowicz says:

jestes z Polski?

Jakub Cisek says:

I’m waiting for temperature controll mod.

matt- kan says:

I bought a LM358 in Hongkong for $5 USD , which is made in China, and $3 USD for traffic , next time I will buy electronic components in alibaba.

igrewold says:

Thanks for sharing man. I found the circuit here https://d29h7ql7qnxkqx.cloudfront.net/pix/smoothdealer/27364-A.jpg
I got a breadboard and most of the components. How can I do this project on the breadboard?
Can someone use Fritzing app to show me how? It got breadboard drawing feature: http://fritzing.org
LM358 Datasheet http://www.ti.com/general/docs/lit/getliterature.tsp?genericPartNumber=lm358&fileType=pdf
Thanks in advance.

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