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In this video I’m gonna show you how I made my room’s curtains automated! I hope you like project! 🙂


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Brian Vicshane says:

not nice lah

Veronika K says:

could you make a video about ioBroker in english?

Βλαχος Μαριος says:

Very nice…where are you from ?

Jenny Luu says:


MortenCopenhagen says:

Nice video. thank you. you did not show how to make the stops. please explain. also I would like to know if your switch is latching or you need to keep your fingers on the switch. cheers.

Jaime T Rubio III says:

how about if I don’t have a solderer

Du Duu says:

yeah thats not gonna happen,

ice pol says:

nice to see people still using their brains and being inventive. nicely done. 10/10.

Jasper DaCarrot says:

Nice cheap home hack, get yourself a few pressure switches, maybe an lumen sensor, could even go way out there hook this up to a computer use the local time for sunrise an set too, you could save a few watts turning the system off 30 mins after sunset an 30mins prior to sun rise then let the preset lumen sensor and switches take over too 🙂
I’m working on my own and they need to travel around a few corners too, along with some other ideas I have in mind 🙂
Keep up the developing mate, lights, sockets, they can all be combined too 🙂

Davon Ponder says:

Um, where did you get that panel? I’m confused.

yeeeeeeeee says:

Good video, but
1) the music is super annoying
2) I wonder how many people stabbed their fingers after watching this (next time maybe use or suggest others use a drill?)

upendra chaudhari says:

Dear this is a brilliant idea – smooth, no noise, space saving and easy to implement. I have subscribed, you are a good inventor.

sara patil says:

Wow nice video. Thanks for sharing the video
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Tarek Faham says:

That was cool…

Skelix says:

What’s the RMP of the motor

Gamotomougamo! says:

Μπράβο παλικάρι μου! Ωραία πατέντα!

Karan Cyber says:


Jason Vigo says:

Do you know how to connect a Concord 4 alarm system to alexa.. or do you know how to connect my hardwire contacts that are on my doors and windows to alexa.

Κωνσταντίνος Σωφρονάς says:

Good job my friend a lot of congrats !

Jasper DaCarrot says:

How about the additional modification of a solar power charger, battery operated system too 🙂

Nikos Pantelidis says:

Πολύ ωραίος φίλε μου!! Μπορείς να μου δώσεις κάποια ιδέα για να ανοιγοκλείνω την εξωτερική τέντα στο μπαλκόνι μου? Μπορεί να γίνει κάτι χρησιμοποιώντας το μηχανισμό που ανοιγοκλείνει τα ρολά ?

R S says:


Barnabás Bartha says:

3$ if you have everything at home what you need 🙂

piyush pandey says:

Thanks for sharing the video
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Adam York says:

Gratzie mille!

JOHNNY says:

@Nick Bartzeliotis Hi there. Great video thanks! What size was the motor? How did you know it was strong enough?

Peter Morvay says:

You are rock star man.
I wish I could do the same – also if this was possible to schedule for every morning.
Have curtains on during night and with alarm to open it… 😉

Greg Grimer says:

If it goes wrong, loses power, motor burns out etc. then can you easily draw and close the curtains without needing to disconnect the mechanism?

I’ve never found opening and closing curtains to be a big hassle myself. No harder or more time consuming than pushing a switch. I am here because if Nikki Haley.

Gaurav Prakash says:

How to make the motor stop at the end? Say if you cannot see the curtain.

Yashesh Bharti says:

Loose yourself to dance

Χαρα Γεωργακοπουλου says:


Hacker.gr says:

Mπορεις να κανεις για παντζούρια;

Grammarrr says:

Bro serious, fix your cam’s focus. Its hurting my eyes.
Cool vid though. Too bad not more info on the power supply.

Haapavuo says:

Stupid question: How does rope pull the curtain? How can it work both ways?

Jeremy Smith says:

Very cool! I was searching forever trying to find a way to do this fairly cheaply to my drapes. I’m not exactly handy with all this stuff so I wasn’t about to try everything you did. Wish I could be that confident. I ended up finding a company that manufactures a similar motor just for drapes. It cost me about $95. Here is the one I got: https://www.add-a-motor.com/motors/?category=Drapery+Motors I would’ve rather paid $3 but I simply would’ve beaten my head against the wall trying to do all this. I did end up using the plastic wire covers like you did to hide wires. I think that added a professional look. Thank you for the video!

ObiWanBillKenobi says:

The music resembles music from Mega Man. 🙂

Skelix says:

i have 0 skill to make one of these how much for me to buy one, its for a project i’m doing

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