✔ How To Make An Electric Pick

How To Make An Electric Pick .
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This video is just to show what can be done with household materials.
No weapons or conduct experiments shown here without adult supervision. And taking all appropriate protective measures.
I am not responsible for any misuse, which can give you the information shown here.


Antonio Guardado says:

what are the requirements to make the lock pick?

Rosario W says:

Cool little hack but I have a very hard time believing that this would work on anything other than what you just showed

None of your Business says:

Dude, what the §%&?!? are you using to connect the battery compartment to the motor? *Hot glue?!???* Why not try *soldering*??

Teo Bergkvist says:

does this really work? 😡

Ferdek Kiepski says:

Pointless and usless,this wont work on a door

Nick Coulman says:

you know I can report you to the police because what you are doing is illegal

Berke Huizenga says:

I made it, learned on woodprix website. great solutions I think.

Reu Roo says:

Now, I feel so unsafe.

Steven Matthew Lucas says:

Hey can you do a study and a video on how stalkers open locked windows? Wothout being detected.. And how do they prevent the magnet sensors stuck to the windows of the security system from not tripping.. Whike picking the window open from the outside while on a ladder?

Jatinder Manjhu says:


electronicsNmore says:

This would work without batteries. If you look at the profile of the keys, you’ll notice all the cuts are around the same level. If the key had cuts at varying levels(high/low), this pick would not work. It barely vibrates once it is placed in the keyway.

adel rahimjoo says:

very nice

Никита Шульгин says:

so fake

maintoc says:

1:41 This video pet supervised & approved. :p 🙂 ~ This might be more difficult to do with the lock in its actual location. ~ What are the items called that are pointed out at 0:20 in this vid, please?

Pluto Gaming says:

I just broke into my dads safe thanks for showing me how! dat cunt took me phone

AggressiveAnvil says:

Yay time to break in and zap something (;

Steven Matthew Lucas says:

Pittsburgh is having this problem with stalkers in the area eluding police and breaking in undetected leaving most police to believe it never happened

Hebe Reguira says:

como mostras eso poreso rovan pueden yr y rovar

Ian Kollar says:

Thanks! Now that girl who dumped me in high school doesn’t stand a chance now….

Taiashi Kirigaia says:

Gotta tank you man, i just love my new house!

tony hortenberry says:

would like to have more talking than music don;t know what to use

Steven Matthew Lucas says:


Alex Jung says:

dog ? cat?

Assassins_ Kid says:

can I use paper clip to the metal thing

OriginalLany says:

Guys, please explain what he did 1:48? I can’t understand..

DarkVegeto31 says:

What it is exactly the part which made vibrate the whole, or finds her you one?

Lance Whalen says:

ah u want to tell us what stuff is or u just gonna keep pointing at it

Nessquat says:

Nice and simple homemade gadget you made, although I would probably add a switch/button to it so the thing doesn’t keep on turning and waste the energy (although what you did does do the trick, it’s a bit of a pain, plus I’m too lazy to put in and take out the battery to turn on the gadget), still, nice gadget.

drawin code says:

A vibrator ffs. good job with the chop block used that trick for other things.

Nguyễn Nam says:

i am from vietnam

mohammed hussain says:

Add sound bro

bensons999 says:

Using the bit from inside a choc block(not sure of the _proper_ name) for your off centered cam- was great!
Did you come up with that idea yourself?

Nguyễn Nam says:

thank you very verrrrrrrrrrrry much

Levani Kiwmarishvili says:

Masha da Medvedev

Abnormaalz says:

Doing it by hand is way easier.

JamaRags says:

The pick needs to vibrate up and down not side to side, so this is pretty useless, kinda like chopping firewood by hitting it with a baseball bat

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