Wow!! Free Energy , DIY Solar power charging Ultra capacitor , Amazing idea with super capacitor

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DIY Solar power charging Ultra capacitor , Amazing idea with super capacitor

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RA Pereyra says:

Usa refrigeración en la parte trasera del panel para no perder rendimiento.

origirox says:

Great! What if there were no stores to buy equipment for a project? Love your Work thx!!!

babu sahu says:

Parts name why mot mention

salah tahri says:


Md Rakib Shaikh2 says:

Wow nice bro

Сергей Петров says:

Sorry, but I don’t think, that it’s a good idea. If you will use simple 18650 battaries (li ion accumulators) and charger scheme then it will cost you much cheaper and it will accumulate much more energy.

Jim Hofoss says:

dinky, good for nothin solar panels

acid rain says:

What is that stuff you put on before you soldered it


Paji tuhanu pasa mil da a

Pradeep Yadav says:

Sir Ye solar Panel Ap Dukase lete hai flipcard se

Steve Williams says:

Don’t say nothing free here just high-dollar equipment

Rashid Archilaev says:

It’s woman?

Techy Aman says:

Bro please make power bank battery level indicator

Tharunkumar Kunnala says:


Ghost Rider says:

Fuck bro

Futschikatores says:

WOW! Amazing idea! -> i hate those clickbait titles.

soyab haryana says:

Bro you are very can make a axel gear truck.

haroon ahmed says:

What about backup time

Walter T says:

Would be better if it was nitrated versus the annoying music

nestix bossturix says:

? when are no more Battery necessary for Bower Suply then i will try Your Device.. ” Solare Pure “…

DIRTDIVER882 says:

Is this thing actually useful tho??

upendra yadav says:

Bro this multimeter is not reliable I mean it’s calibration so change it now

Tore Lund says:

12.6V = 3.15V/ capacitor = too much, only 2.7V or 3V types. Use Zener diode to protect the capacitors!

Murat Meşe says:

link Please…

GermanDollLover says:

Once again it’s no free Energy, this is complete BS! You just convert one form of energy into another form of energy by loosing a huge amount of energy, because the efficiency of solar cells is not big. The question here is how long can you use your “energy” before you have to recharge and how much current can you get out of it. You just measuring the voltage. That’s not enough information about this “amazing idea” which isn’t one.

Nguyễn Xuân Hùng says:

Ủa cái 500f 2,7v mua đâu vậy bạn

Electronic Make says:

Why don’t use a panel big

ramesh jarwal says:

Sir ye Saman kanha par milega ye toh bataoo


Wonderful music … great

Irshad Tanoli says:


Gilles Gonzalez says:

Incroyable !!!
Après 10 heure, le soleil n’a pas bougé d’un poil… 🙂
le bide…

MICHAL_C900 says:

so at the end its same garbage as it was before calling it free energy make no sense bcuz sun isnot producing heat and light from nothing. These Solar cells cant give much current so no surprise there . 0.6V is unusable simple dc motor as dynamo would be much better 11.60V common you just charge it with battery or powersuply

Mohammad Ismail says:

Its sound so nice can you send me this sound link thank you

JDPHHH says:

Una muy buena idea

Gristle Von Raben says:

Don’t you need a diode to keep the charge from burning up the positive side of the solar panel?

Niko Taskani says:

Надо продолжение делать. Примочку в виде накопителя,инвертора,и нагрузки.

Libaan Mohamed says:

At American tech

alin moldovan says:

And how much amp is coming out?

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