Working home made hydro Generator/ Runs two refrigerators free electricity

Watch my micro hydro generator system produce 12 amps/ 30 volts at 170 rpms. No pullys direct drive. Low rpm permanent magnet Generator. This generator will last for generations will little maintenance. The bearings and parts are common. Mine is over 12 years old and I have only had to put grease in it once a year. Check out my other video on how to build a simple wind turbine.
Here is a link to the magnets:


Punit Patel says:

How many magnets and coils? If you try the water vortex designs you will be able to generate more power to run an entire house.

bproudd says:

a simple gear up system would increase the RPM, wider blades to increase the torque. I’m not an engineer but I would imagine it would get you over 1,000 rpm. great video to jog the mind!

Bobby Nicholson says:

where is the link to buy

Nelson Dacosta says:

are you a teacher?

Darin A says:

With the height of your waterfall you could run pipes down stream, install a ram pump and then nozzles to increase power to the turbines. I believe a vertical design like yours is superior to a horizontal one, if you refine it you would wire it to the grid and sell power to the local provider “state and local laws allowing”

lightrose100 says:

I think it would run faster if you put the blade inside the tube and get more torque

al meggs says:

I might of missed it
But if the water is hitting all the blades at the same time
How is it revolving?

Paco says:


UncleKennybobs says:

This and your other videos are really good. Are you off- or on-grid?

NGSoldier27 says:

So point blank if one was to have this creek then what would he need to buy to provide energy to heavy irrigation style pumps? Or lighting to a property?? I am buying land and will build whatever it takes to create our own energy. I need this power to run a fish farm as the farm will not pay back for some time. Real help with this will be rewarded……

Sam Kirk says:

So much potential in this creek. Its good you are doing something! But you can have ten times more electricity if you would like to tinker further with larger set ups. They will work absolutely. Do the pelton large wheel that is the way to go, also you can pair the pelton wheel make a wide turbine set up to harvest more hydro, anyways you are one lucky man to have this creek in your disposal

Broxty says:

Awesome…Just Awesome.

czarandmaeve says:

good idea however in Canada we are only allowed to bypass 10% of the water from any moving body of water, so if I were to build this on a similar size creek it would probably only be able to run 1 light bulb or so . I do however still respect this project and you taking the initiative to create your own electricity.

Christopher Stone says:

You’d simply wire the stator with 24awg or smaller, produce high voltage at the generator. Then throw it through a transformer after that 1/2 mile transmission. Small wire and drastically less losses along the way; only slightly more complex. The high voltage could be dangerous if not respected.

Zoomtronic says:

This is literally free energy, not some over unity crap 

stover954rr says:

Would this be more efficient (create more power with the exact same setup) if you swapped out the homemade generator (wires and magnets) with a industrial made one…. say, out of a washer machine? or is yours much larger than that? I am just curious if theirs would be made to better specs and thus more efficient.

deadboy600 says:

Wouldnt it be more efficient if the blades were housed inside the pipe?

drawingboard82 says:

Nice work.  I am a big fan of simple, rugged engineering.  Often reliability is more important than very high efficency.  Thank you for sharing it and well done again.

GFormica1 says:

Are fish still able to use the creek?

Diwash1 says:

Instead of letting water fall all over the fins try one good stream at one point on the fin
I wthink that will make it spin faster

gamer zone says:

water is not targeting the balds on proper angle if u adjust will give u more rpm and volts

John Bialk says:

Our state dept of natural resources would likely fine you or put you in prison for such a setup or tax you silly… sad but true.

markp0177 says:

This generator is a lot bigger and that is why it is more efficient.

stooky bird says:

anyone hear of a fish ladder? ten tesla turbines could be used and not damage the ecosystem, I like fish as much as anyone.

Dean Gouramanis says:

Really nice design.

jemc750 says:

spent half a day watching your videos. you sir are my hero

shajahan hossain says:


Passed High School Physics says:

Nice project.  Have you calculated the efficiency?  12 amps at 30 volts is only 360 watts which would only light four 75 watt light bulbs.  Powering two refrigerators at 120 volts means each refrigerator is receiving 1.4 amps.  What size are the refrigerators?

Doing a quick calculation shouldn’t you be able to generate 813.19 watts from that amount of water?  You should easily be able to get twice the amount of energy from that amount of water, is there are reason you aren’t?

paolo terzi says:

non ce piu il sito

GFormica1 says:

Mark, it would be great to see how the system sits in the stream. Maybe a 360 degree view of the entire system. Would be great if u could come of the grid completely. Awesome idea .

Tony Iocca says:

That’s a nice set up. I would like to make one like it out of brick and mortar or stone would even look very nice using the rounded river stones…

gamer zone says:

u can also use vertex turbine method

stooky bird says:

It certainly is not efficient, the first thing to do is to dam up the creek, now you can three times the power.  cool turbine design but why not go for the gusto. Or maybe ram pump some of it into a storage tank or pond to act as a battery

PinkiesParlour says:

I would be interested to know how many batteries he has gone through in the 10 year period.  The problem with these so-called “off grid” systems is that you maintain a dependency upon the availability of batteries, for without them all the off grid generators are useless (unless you have the technical expertise to be able to wire up the generator DIRECTLY to the item needing the power, which is far beyond most people. The utility companies are laughing because you can in vest in all the OFF GRID POWER GENERATING systems in the world, but if batteries are unavailable or too expensive you are screwed. 

THIS IS NOT INDEPENDENCE.  It is simply a different form of dependency upon technology.

People who are truly interested in living independently need to consider lifestyle changes that will truly allow this lifestyle. I recommend a book called “Surviving Off-Off Grid” by Michael Bunker where the concept of true off-grid living is examined closely. The book leans strongly on religious teachings, so if that offends you I encourage you to overlook it and concentrate on the wisdom behind the dogma. In order to be truly self sufficient you MUST be able to live apart from any need for technology.

Howard Bailey says:

I wish I could set up a turbine but here in British Columbia “BC Hydro” owns the rights to all moving water in the Province. I know of one guy who set up a water wheel on his own property in BC and used the electricity for ten years. BC Hydro found out and fined him over $10,000 for the “theft”.
Another backwards thing here in Western Canada is a company can legally fine you so long as they fall under the guise of a “Crown Corporation”.
Legal Monopoly

markp0177 says:

I just run a few appliances and some lights.

UncleKennybobs says:

He could hike the voltage to help reduce losses.

Ford's RV Refrigeration Training & Service says:

Nice job

mike says:

SUGESTION, the instalation is like vortex hydroelectric sistem, would be more eficient if you take advantage of the vortex force, an may be you can put 2 propellers.

wayne101803 says:

I love your videos …. I’m into self sufficient/country living too ….. What is a good estimate of solar/hydro/ and wind power that I could harness with these DIY projects to go completely off grid?

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