The Ultimate DIY Water Filter! – The “2 Stage” (carbon+heated coil) purifier! – uses no electricity!

Ultimate DIY Water Filter! This Homemade Water Purifier is extremely effective and super easy to make. The “2 Stage” design purifies almost all water sources to 99.999%. Starts to produce clean/clear (super hot) water within 20 seconds! uses no electricity. great to have in a SHTF/Emergency situation or for everyday use. *also doubles as a water heater and stove burner!. you can cook on top of the coil at the same time the water is heating/purifing! water purifier, water heater and stove all in one! *and with the exception of the activated carbon and the copper coil, the filter is made almost entirely out of “free stuff” (recycled/reused metal cans, plastic bottle, glass jar – along with sand and gravel). note that the “1st stage” of the filter (activated carbon part) removes predominantly the chemical impurities (along with bad taste/color/odor/sediment). while the “2nd stage” (heated coil) predominantly removes the biological contaminants (parasites/bacteria/viruses etc…) when used together they’re extremely effective as a filtering system. should purify almost all water sources. note – one of the few things it won’t remove is salt from salt water and certain minerals. of interest: total length of copper tubing is 10 ft. tubing is 1/4″. a crumpled up piece of coffee filter paper can be used in place of the cotton balls. i was able to purifiy 12oz of water every 3 mins or so (about 1/2 gallon every 15 mins). it uses about 25 cents worth of 70% isopropyl alcohol to purify a gallon. (i imagine in a pinch, since the can that holds the copper coil is very similar to a tin can stove, you could use small sticks, twigs and leaves as a fuel source instead of the alcohol). Of note: it only “steams up” for a few seconds every few minutes or so. most of the time the flow of escaping water vapor/steam is light and barely visible.


Joseph Derby says:

In my engineering class we are making water filters that have to clean water that has:
Food Coloring
Oil (petroleum)
May I use this idea?

Bezerker Jr says:


Emmanuel zafra says:

what sand did u use

Akmaie Ajam says:

heated coil also used as alternative to stove 😉

Beyond The Veil says:

It is good to know how to do things like this just in case something bad were to happen.
We just went through a bad ice storm that turned off the electricity needless to say we could not cook. So I made good use of cat food can alcohol stove to make some coffee and breakfast. This was a minor thing but it did help out.
    I was wondering how you made the turns in the copper without bending it? 

Oelric AoC says:

Could you wrap the copper coil around the combustion chamber of a tin can rocket stove and have this work with twigs instead of alcohol?

Shannon Cunningham says:

Freaking awesome!!!

sandy moonstone says:

Seams like the steam from the collection jar could be saved and condensed.

jrrosales8 says:

Great video man !,, Do you know how many gallons of wáter can go thru this system before you have to change the sand and carbón ?? Im planning on building this system on a bigger scale but Ill be using natural charcoal instead of the alcohol as a fuel. I get about 30 pounds of natural activated charcoal for some 9 dollars down here in Mexico! Thanks

Antonio Mancini says:

I thought you were making moonshine

Donny Slander says:

what about if you make a second piping from the end bottle and let the steam cool down and put another container on the side so you can have 2 containers filled up at once??? would it work???

ColoradoBiker Prepper says:

Distillation…I would also a secondary condenser cooling coil, you’ll loose less water to steam evaporation. Just make another coil and put it between the fire and final collection container. 

countchivas says:

Thanks for posting, much appreciated!

nesvrstani1981 says:

a+ man

Markexavier Gregorio says:

can we drink tap water with that

Christopher Lytle says:

just wondering, wouldn’t you want the top filter to come into the bottom of the heating coil and then leaving (the right side) at the top of the heating coil?  It seems that the water would just flow through what you have set up here (from the high side to the low side).

James Dickson says:

Thank You! I am interested in making one! Where may I buy activated carbon? Are there different kinds of activated carbon?

Adee Cervantez says:

About the coil, did you buy it pre coiled or did you bend it yourself?

Cambodia Paul's Organic Farming says:

Very detailed. Very good video. Thanks. Thumbs up!

survivor khan says:

how would you cover the water filter? could you use it again? I mean after awhile I know you need to change it, but I’m curious

Comrade says:

didn’t know people threw bread on a fry pan, is it like toasting bread?

Angel Daniel says:

Wow where can I buy the copper wire Home Depot or something like that?

T2H Instructionals says:

Very cool idea man.

sunil Hussain says:


survivor khan says:

does the copper pipe fit directly in the 2L bottle cap? because the hole fits the copper pipe loosely in the can, so Id figure it would leak!

Obdulio Cerceno says:

Thankyou buddy for sharing great ideas, so efficient and simple. Kudos!!!!

Roman O.o says:

Very efficient, it would probably also work as well with wood chips like a hobo stove in case you have no alcohol.

Highbury Football School says:

so cool I was thinking about doing this in a cabin and having this style of system run through a wood stove with same coil system and straight into a bath tub. Would this work and is it safe

whitedragon1337 says:

I love this channel!  Another awesome project!

onecreativecriminal says:

you should put a condenser after the heating coil, it will help reduce water lost via the steam.

frank hiebler says:

if you put the xopper tube below the water you can conserve some of the steam off

kirsi sparks says:

dang that sandwitch looked good

Pip Philman says:

Nicely Done!!! You should trim less from the the 2 liter bottle /keep it full size so it has more of a reservoir/can hold more water so you don’t have to keep pouring it in. Very cool though! Definitely going to try modding this to use wood fuel for my next camp trip! Thanks!!!

Sohan Calway says:

sir, can you plz make a model of sea water purification model.

Robert Lawrence says:

What a great idea! Thank you.

sandy moonstone says:

Multi tasking ! Filter + distilled water + sandwich ! Great work.

MKme Lab says:

Well done!

Erin Owl says:

Thank you for sharing this wonderful and (again) SIMPLE idea. Greatly appreciated. 

SCJMO says:

Have you ever experimented making briquettes out of leaves twigs and junk mail paper? I’m wondering how well those would run a rocket stove? Cool video, great design using common trash.

ameed Naeem says:


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