Static Electricity Detector – Can Sense a Hairbrush From 2 Meters [DIY]

How to make a simple static electricity sensor using transistors.
This device has a simple circuit.
For building this device you will need:
1. J310 (N-channel JFET)
2. BC547B (NPN bipolar transistor)
3. 10K resistor (you can use 4.7K-22K)
4. Active Buzzer 12V
5. LED
6. 12V power source

If you want to use only an LED without a buzzer then connect 1K resistor instead of a buzzer. Also, you can do the opposite, you can use only a buzzer without LED.

Just brush your hair and bring the hairbrush to this device, it will sense it.

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simoes leite says:

Eu amo o mundo da eletrônica amigo! Ganhasse um inscrito! Continue assim, esses projetos são maravilhosos!

Edmorbus says:

Thanks for sharing
Can you test this with Others mosfet for replacement of j310

Taer Taer says:

nice man . thanks and very clever move.

Rey Mamayson says:

what’s the use of this? if any object can detect by this innovation it will continuously buzz.


what is the code word of those 2 transmitter

jowhar ali says:

Sir please guide me for appropriate changes for using 9v battery
As this 9v small battery is easy to carry anywhere

MC's Creations says:

Really nice! The battery is 12v, right? And is it possible to make it using a soldering breadboard? Or there could be some problem to it? Thanks!

Divya Shah says:


love line says:

is this detector just for hair brush? if i wanna detect mobile key or something else so how? & what to do?


how could i build this using 9volts and what are the specs on the led just want to make sure i get theright one

saalim mohamed says:


Aryzen/ Into the unknown says:

how would you make it with antenna so when you near antenna it goes off? and lower the sensitivity a bit?

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