PART 2 – UPDATE – DIY Free Electricity with Self Perpetuating Generator

Watch this video of a guy trying to make this generator. He is struggling to get essential parts to complete it. Typical struggle against large corporations. He is on to something and he wants to share it with everyone.
Tesla’s Secret finally understood (Gerard Morin

Self Running 40kW 40,000 Watt Fuelless Generator Full Video

Time to END The Electricity Racket – FREE & NATURAL ELECTRICITY PROOF

Update Free energy forever no wind no solar no gas READ DISCRIPTION!!!

How To Make Free Energy Generator 220V From Washing Machine Motor. DIY Free Energy Generator.

Tesla’s Secret finally understood (Gerard Morin)

Make free Energy self running Generator at Home

Zero Mass’ solar panels turn air into drinking water

The Rise and Fall of Nikola Tesla and his Tower


obiwan kanobi says:

good man i wish u luck”” with what your doing gerard morin is the real deal u will b glad u visited hsi sight man. there is another guy that can show u the same thing your doing just type israelites free electricity forever he will show you another way to achieve wut you want”’ gerard will show u how it works and why info u got to know man he blows the lid off the grid shit his tech in new and coming:)); good luck man share this when u see it:)0

PTT 73 says:

A solar powered motor connected to a perpetual magnetic machinery…so many ideas out there. I agree we don’t have to live connected to some meter.

obiwan kanobi says:

bro this is real tech… if u want to learn about what your doing you need to type in youtube gerard morin he will show everything u want to know and can imagine trust me;;; look up gerard morin


driving and texting is dangerous BUT driving and making a video is CRAZY!!!! BRO DONT TRUMP THIS UP.


Keep you vision and don’t give up.
Tesla created things that didn’t exhist. Prior to him , AC voltage did not exhist. The mind is a wonderful thing. Who knows, you might find something never before found.

sandra meyer says:

I like your way of thinking..ive been wanting to be self sufficient as well..looking forward to your projects.

C_R_O_M__________ says:

Because someone wants to make money we end up having all these options to begin with. Try figuring out a grand scale solution without making a profit and see whether anything you think is feasible and then, moreover, sustainable. There are many geniuses out there but no-one (so far) has achieved to do anything remotely close to that. If Tesla was on to something feasible (I highly doubt it) then someone would have followed up his work. He was certainly not the last humanitarian that walked this earth.

P.S. I am not trying to discourage you here and you should follow your inclination.

Fabio Arevalo says:

yes Sr. thank you for share info

kimi says:

Surely like the way you think.. my city will mark my house un in-habital if i disconnect from water

Annie says:

My setup to produce electricity for my offgrid cabin is a 1000W inverter generator, five 100 AH batteries and five 8A batterychargers. It takes about 10 to 12 hours to charge the batteries. (you can use max seven 8A batterychargers at a time on a 1000W generator). It will give you enough power to power some lamps and a computer for two or three weeks, depending on how much you use the computer. I am using a converter and ordinary lamps with led bulbs for lighting and for the computer. Solar power or wind power will not give you enough power to heat a house in most places. So you will need a wood stove and/or a gas stove in addition to that. And you will need a gas cooker and a gas fridge. This all cost quite a lot of money, so it is not much cheaper than being on the grid. I think that your project on making free electricity is an exiting project, but I think you will find that you will use a lot of time and not be able to achieve much for a very long time, if ever. Electronics need grid power, a decent solar power system or an inverter generator, or they can get damaged.

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