Make an Emergency Phone Charger – MacGyver Style!

In this video, you’ll learn how to “MacGyver” a 40 Watt Electrical Generator from a cordless drill and a few household items. Here’s how to charge your phone, illuminate small lights, and make electricity in a pinch.

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This project is intended to be a “bare bones” approach to generating electricity in a tight situation. There are no voltage regulators, no diodes and no capacitors to smooth the current. There may a risk in charging lithium-ion batteries without a proper battery charging circuit recommended by the manufacturer. It worked fine for me, but if you try this on your phone, make sure you understand, and are comfortable, with the risks. Back up your data in case your phone is adversely affected and your data or equipment is damaged as a result. Use of this video content is at your own risk.By running an electric motor backwards, you can generate electricity.

Music By: Jason Shaw (RP-ThinkTank)

Project Inspired By:

Kipkay’s video charging a phone with a crank flashlight

Project History & More Info:

When using a cordless drill, remove the battery pack so you’re not fighting the back EMF, and press the trigger button in to allow the electrical connection to be made. Now all you have to do is twist the rotating end of the drill, and you’ll be generating electricity at the contact points where the battery would normally connect. On my drill, a cranking speed of 100 RPM yielded about 5 volts DC.

A few household items will make it practical to use. For example, a crank handle (made from a mixing beater and a salad fork) will give better leverage for cranking. Some aluminum foil that’s been rolled up into a wire will help direct the electricity to the point of use.

The faster and harder you can crank the drill, the higher voltage, and more amperage you can extract.

Ideally, this could be hooked up to a bike, water power, or a windmill to generate effortless energy, and if done carefully, the energy could be stored in a battery for later use.


CrazyReii says:

You cranked that thing for 3 hours to charge the phone, just for this video? You just earned a subscriber today, 4 years ago.

Sqiggly lines says:

you can attach it to a exercise cycle in your house so you can cycle to power ur phone
u get better exercise and its easier

KaidPlayz says:

Thx grant I’m sorta in a power chrisis

Bill the Possum says:

Instead of a spoon and beater, attach it to a bike pedal so you can charge it while you ride (even though it would probably look ridiculous!)

Clorox Bleach says:

How can we substitute for having no black wire?

raphla147 says:



Mark Duggan says:

That was great would simila technology work to charge an electric car? If the crank was turned by the wheels and gearing was used, I think an electric car would be almost self sustaining, but I’m not too bright when it comes to things like this.

Xpbuilder says:

Where are the white and green wire for

Mazer Time says:

lol i had the same phone 🙂

Robert Pirlot says:

I have something better. Take that 18v battery and use it to charge the phone with a few electronics.

Mobin92 says:

The Engineer in me cringed so hard >.< Especially at the part with the battery. First you pretty much broke that battery by shortcutting it for so long. Second you can't measure the voltage of a battery like that, you need to put a load on the battery and measure the current over the load. Otherwise it might still shouw full voltage but it would actually drop with a realistic load.

That boy Who draws says:

30th video guys!!!!!

Elijah Phetsinorath says:

He used his middle finger to crank it

Baron song says:

hi there

Antares ൠ says:

I love you cuz you are not like GIVE ME 21038124012849812098957109581 likes or he will come and eat you And Thanks for the amazing cool lifetricks

Dwarf Zerker says:

tresspassers beware lol

PotatoGodz Playz says:

my friend has this rc car and a bike and he lifted the wheel form the ground and he rode the bike with the cars wheel on it and the cars lights started flashing.

Chandler Gilliam says:

who is mcgiver

Phil Severson says:

And it’s free!!…as long as you already own all the stuff you need, and can’t afford a $5 charger.

ATT's lab says:

could you possibly use another drill to crank it

chaouki kouachi says:

its not free you wast your time and your energy

I'm Bob 154647 says:


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