Make a Free Energy Generator from a Dead BLDC Motor DIY

In this video, you will learn to make a Free Energy Generator from a dead BLDC motor diy.This technique can also be applied to our usual BLDC fans used in CPUs.
These generators require ‘zero’ field excitation power because of the presence of permanent magnets.
Their efficiency is above all other generators and hence are preferably used in turbines.

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Android Advise says:

Mechanical to Electrical arrangement hai

Ajnabi Ek says:

Total time waste

Bd Dream says:

Thank you very much

Amratbhai Mali says:


Info Tp says:

not free energy !!!!!

Vikrant Tawesker says:

not free energy sir, its a simple generator


waste of time and data too

Colin Smith says:

Tired of this fuckin bullshit on youtube. if you have to spin it yourself, its not free… bloody hell.

KOM DOR says:


Michael Bannerman Roberts says:

So u hav 2 stand there and turn this thing by hand every time u want a light on????

Dmitry Khotyanovich says:

No Silly!

Charles Davis says:


mimuni di kitchuni says:


lin Risa says:

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Jan Lolling says:


Claude Parrat says:

C’est fini de nous prendre pour des billes ?
( un ingénieur électricien )

kumud baruah says:

Kumud baruah

Dov Sk says:

Hello thanks for your sharing . But im interesting about the music (electro-guitar) . which music is it ? can you write name of the music pls. thanks.

Jay Zirroh says:

Why do you people keep calling it free energy? Free energy doesn’t exist.

Alex Sohnrey says:

I dont see why people are taking “free” as to where’s the source originated from nothing, its supposed to mean “look we have enough energy for everyone to go around that you dont have to pay”

namer hamed says:

vary good haw working it’s

Growley M says:

A BLDC Motor is not really a DC motor. Connecting it to a DC source will simply burn it up without making it turn. It is actually a Three Phase PMAC (Permanent Magnet AC) motor. It requires three phase AC power output from the motor controller and also rotational position information (typically from three Hall Effect sensors or an optoisolator array but sometimes Back EMF sensing.) which tells the controller when to send high or low pulses, either sine wave or square/trapezoidal wave, to which sets of coils and when, so that they produce a field which repels or attracts the magnets on the rotor as it turns within the stator. The motor can also function as a 3 phase alternator by simply spinning the rotor. Some motor controllers can convert this output back into DC current to charge the same batteries that supply the controller when it is making the motor turn. However, a simple 3 phase bridge rectifier can also make DC from the alternator output, though it is not a smooth DC. With a rectifier, the controller is not needed.

Since a rotational force is needed to turn it, the output of the motor/alternator is NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT free. You are simply converting rotational energy to a particular form of electrical energy. You are only getting as much energy out, as you are putting in, MINUS the inefficiency of the motor, wiring, rectifier, etc. There is no free energy here. No. None. Not one bit. Not a microwatt. Not anything. No free energy. Read that again. No Free Energy.

However, that is a good experiment for someone interested in learning how electrical power is produced. You can also easily build a 3 phase alternator out of plywood, fiberglass, magnets, copper wire, epoxy, trailer wheel shafts and bearings, and a few other bits and peices, that can output 1kw or more of power. BUT… it is nt free power. You must use some energy to turn the rotor. Typically this is wind or water power. Both are in abundance and easily captured, but you are not creating energy. You are simply converting energy that was already there, with some losses.

Martin Onesimo Cendejas Chavez says:

not free energy. regards.

electronics help care says:

wow I will try

Mr Electron says:

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walleyesam says:

Attaching a wind fan on to a pole with this and you have…free power !

Bunny Boy says:

It works!

Kshitij Singh says:

Rong haek

Anwar Khan says:

Where is Free Energy ? U have to turn the generator through Ur hand. Wasted vtoo much time.

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