Lichtenberg Device For Fractal Wood Burning

CAUTION: VERY DANGEROUS. I would NOT recommend building this kind of burner. This was just an experiment to see if I would like it. USE A Neon Bulb Transformer (NBT) or an Oil Burner Ignition Transformer (OBIT). NBT’s and OBIT’s have higher volts but less amps, which is MUCH SAFER. Additional SAFETY FEATURES SHOULD BE USED WHILE BURNING. This is a short video explaining how to make a Lichtenberg Device using a high voltage or step-up transformer. I said Fractural in the video but I meant fractal.
Please refer to the below video:


Jimmie at Stuart Arts says:

Great video! Here is a wood burning tool I made that you might like:

High Voltage FX - by Chance Art says:

Hey Napalm Porter, come to my channel and check out my High Voltage Artwork! I use floating leads and a step up transformer from a neon sign…12,000…Here is a link to my playlist page! Come watch and give me some feedback on what you think of my Art! Thanks, Chance

terry stockstill says:


Cristina Gar says:

nice I have two microwaves one a GE over the stove microwave and a small little red microwave

terry stockstill says:


Frank Smiley says:

Hi Mr. Porter, the moisture level seem to be okay in my woods. Now I am building the MOT. I have bought a new Microwave transformer with three wires coming out of it. They did not provide any schematics for it and I asked them but they do not have it.

On the primary winding, I have my two prongs for the 110 power input and on the secondary two white wires are coming out and going to magenetron on the microwave and I am cutting them and on the secondary one a wire is coming out from a tab and they are all covered and it is red wire and nothing else. I just want to make sure that is the wire that you are talking about. This the link to the one that I have bought. I am sorry for disturbing you.

The red wire is hard and it is not like the wire that you had mentioned flexible and I have purchased that wire GTO wire.

I really do not get tired of watching your video. thanks

R. Dittrich says:

The best “How can I built a Fractal-Burner”-Video. So cool! Thousand Thanks. Greets from Berlin

Jimmy Contreras says:

On my 2nd coil I do not have a tab, how do i go about make the positive cable?

Casie Bracewell says:

thanks to your video, I made my first lichtenberg plank!

Jack Lashua says:

Napalm, is this the type transformer that would work? Price is $60-$70 from Grainger Supply……..TECHNICAL SPECS
ItemOil Burner Ignition Transformer Mounting TypeHinge Replacement Heater Voltage120VAC For Use WithOil Burners Special Information120 Volt Primary, 20,000 Volts Peak Secondary, 15 to 30 kHz

madan kumar says:

Hi thanks for all the informative videos. I have similar set, Soaked wood with baking soda and powered up the transformer but its not burning the wood. I do hear the transformer humming. were could i be wrong? please help me out 🙁

WhimZpix says:

FYI: Additional safety information here: Make Lichtenberg wood art safely on the youtube channel of bigclivedotcom. At 2:09 he begins a detailed diagram including how regular power surge suppressors are not able to cut the power on microwave transformer jolts. He talks like an engineer and has very technical explanations as to why he says to never use a microwave transformer.

kyle miller says:

this may be a less then intelligent question but i was wondering if a house transformer would work? Like the doorbell and alarm kind?

Don Drum says:

Quick question on the battery clips. How often do you have to replace those? Looks like in the vids that they get burnt quite a lot.

Michael Dennison says:

Pleasr people do not do this experiment at home it just killed a friend of mine Feb 03 2017 at 9:30pm..

tawoo says:

I’m not getting good results with oak. Are some woods better then others? Do you let the solution soak in for a while? Thanks!

Nancy Gonzalez says:

Could you use a plug in car battery charger to burn the wood?

Don Drum says:

Napalm, I have watched many of your videos and have saved a lot of them for further reference. I am getting my supplies together to make my first Lichtenberg device. I am very interested in this becoming my new hobby. Thanks for your vids and advice. I will keep following and watching your vids for future advice and ideas. Who knows maybe I’ll start videoing my work as well. Thanks again!

JJMotivation says:

Is it possible with a 230V transformer and is it the same procedure?

wayne bonham says:

hey mate..i am building a burner today and wondered why you don’t use prongs instead of clips? I have made a couple of SS prongs double insulated with a micro switch on one to initiate power but cant seem to load a photo here to show your vids Mate

Greg Sandidge says:

Dude, rig it to a safety switch and a heavy plastic project box! Be safe!

Ryan Ellis says:

Thank you man. Finally some insight., keep it up!

Soterus Creative Atelier says:

La tua spiegazione è stata molto utile. Adesso realizzerò anch’io qualcosa. Grazie

TheDonnrose says:

So ever think of a coil. For older car. 60,000 volts. ?? Will that work??

SUA SUA says:

Question: did you add the spade connector on the upper coil? Looks like you just screwed it in there, right?

terry stockstill says:


Steve Williams says:

I’m thinking about getting two microwave transformers, one a high wattage and one a low wattage and build them both to experiment with to see how different the effects are. You are showing me a whole new world of creating art. Thanks for posting your videos. I am truly enjoying them.

lastniceguy1 says:

Is that 8 gauge wire?

Jimmy Contreras says:

did you put the tab on the red wire to the transformer or did it come that way?

terry stockstill says:


terry stockstill says:


Rufino Tellez says:

that’s a great video exactly what I was expecting to watch so I can do mine it was very helpfull thank you

angry bunny says:

thank you for the explanation. yup, don’t want to press my luck. and thank you for the safety lessons!

elden2hot says:

Excellent Video Thanks for being so informative.

Barberman says:


Jimmy Contreras says:

did you put the tab on the red wire to the transformer or did it come that way?

steven Rhoads says:

Got a transformer out of a microwave, and the secondary coil on it does not have a prong, just a wire coming out of it with a connector. Any reason that wouldn’t work?

Marcus Stombaugh says:

could you have run the ground lead straight into the cord? rather than into the transformer?

Rickey Niday says:

I have the transformer but there is no tab to put a stakon on the secondary coil just a piece of very fine wire. can I just wire nut that?

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