How to wire a house

Here are some tips on wiring a new house. I recently had the electrical inspection and everything is going well so far.

Cable strippers:
My drill:
My drill bits:
Extra batteries:

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Erik Nelson says:

are those mini’s outdoor rated

Максим Позитивный says:

Каменный век

Cheeto Corleone says:

just wondering how you get power? like how do the lines coming from the poles outside connect to your wire hanging out of your meter? where does that connection go? it can’t just be hanging there can it?

Hussein ALREKABEI says:


dreamergth says:

I got a very similar new 200 amp main braker panel box wich means don’t need the ground wire from meter to the panel and i bond newtral bar with the ground green screw to the panel box, my question is can i use one side of neutral bars for my ground circuits since my neutral main line is feeding two bars one on each side inside my panel or i should install an extra ground bar?

Wrench666 says:

Please correct me if I am wrong but I didn’t think you were supposed to tie neutral and ground together. Potentially dangerous

Karl Beerman says:

I’m an electrical student, and was wondering: if you’re using the 20 amp breaker with the 14/3, why would you need a lower amperage (15 amp) breaker? wouldn’t using the 20 be safer so that you dont max out the 15?

Algernon Friday says:

God Bless the Conservative parts of Kentucky, and consequently damn the socialist collectives where Democrats defile the land and the people.

Daniel Malack says:

I would not pass an inspection if you don’t strip out all your boxes and have them tied in!

Greg Echlin says:

Looks good. Did you use 2.0tt copper on the main feeders. On the rough in inspection you have to strip in all the boxes. They only want to see 1 inch of insulation in the box. And all the wires have to be made up.

David Petrusewicz says:

Yes and if a home owner does he own wireing. Alot of state have a law that when you sell your house not when you wire it when you sell your house the former owner is response for any electrical fire for 20 years on that house.

Tactical Basements says:

Nice work, the only thing I would of done differently would be a lil less insulation on feeds in the panel. You only need 3/4 of an inch of insulation showing. Very neat !!

Charles Gedde says:

Thanks man I appreciate your video I’m somebody who’s interested in starting school to become electrician not many videos explain code in detail so I appreciate the ones that do thanks man

greg berban says:

Why are you installing breakers at rough in stage ?

Got Wire says:

Man I hope you ran rg6 and some cat 5 or cat 6 or else you get holes drilled in your new house when you want TV

SuperMayor31 says:

Good vid… I’m an electrician in New York City and everything I’ve seen in the video is excellent and in NY is beyond code. Great Job Sir.

Dr. Remulack says:

If someone doesn’t know 14 goes on a 15A breaker they should not be allowed to even assist a master electrician wire a house without constant supervision.

Scorp says:

yeah, most counties do not require you to have a licensed electrician , some do , because to them it is unionised, and it is a business. especially when it is in a suburban area.

but yes, if you must do it on your own, then do it by their code , or unless you see it as a hazard to your investment . . .
your house, and belongings.

but most of all , do not settle for the color of deed , get the land patent . no personal property taxes . . . ever .

awsome video !

David Enriquez says:

What happened to your eyebrows bro? Careful with them arcs lol

Billy Smith says:

I use the same idea of one room per circuit if possible .Looks like you used 12 gauge wiring for the whole house .I just read the city code here they do have language about arc fault protection ,must be new just had a panel done 6 months back no arc fault in it .

John Montana says:

That’s wrong, the ground wire can’t be inside the meter.

Carlos Rivera says:

Nice job bud!

Ja Bo says:

very professiioinal and informative…like the GFI breaker idea…thanks.

Digant Shah says:

Thank you so much for sharing. How did you get all these knowledge if you are not a professional electrician? Did you get help from someone? Hod did you start your project from scratch? Can you share your thought process and steps?

Daniel Malack says:

Why would you even use 14 wire when you used 12 everywhere else?

Man Of God says:

I really appreciate your help and video

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