How to Run an Outlet From a Lighting Fixture Box : DIY Electrical Work

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Running an outlet from a light fixture box is something that can really make your home more convenient. Run an outlet from a lighting fixture box with help from a foreman for Lighty Contractors in this free video clip.

Expert: Joshua Clement
Filmmaker: Nathanael Rittichier

Series Description: You always want to be as careful as possible when performing electrical repairs in your home. Find out about electrical repairs you can do on your own with help from a foreman for Lighty Contractors in this free video series.


Mark Wardell says:

Is there anything I can do to keep it on regardless of switch position?

smalltimehustler says:

So if you shut off your light you shut off your outlet power?

1990pommie says:

good  presentation.  clear and informative.

scott grey says:

im with lord wahl im only an apprentice and just watching him was scaring me. so many little things missed that could still cause problems in the future. And outlets never get wired with lighting circuits.

William Keenan says:

this guy cant be an electrician

Triangle Choke says:

Below James, it is not an incorrect way, it is just the worst option. Doing it this way will cause the switch to turn both the light and outlet off at the same time.

Owen Fisher says:

This was well done. I’m not an electrician, but this was explained very well to a layman. I succeeded in installing my outlet thanks to this guy. Well Done!

lord wahl says:

I’m a licensed electrician. This is a very poor tutorial. There are many things to consider before installing an additional outlet to any circuit, and professional electricians DO NOT wire receptacles on lighting circuits. I could bash this video all day, and I wish people who are not knowledgeable in the field would stop posting diy videos. I guess they do not care if your house burns down or your child dies over their misleading info. Also anyone who uses tape on wire nuts or receptacle screws is a noob. Hire a professional.

stevedawg85 says:

Does this mean the new outlet will only work when it is switched on?

Ecig Accessory says:

If your power is off by the switch to the light, your Outlet won’t have any power

James Knowlen says:

Why don’t some of you so called professionals put up a video showing the right way to do this if it’s incorrect.

rockintothedawn says:

he never told us to put blacks together?

vincentsostre says:

The fixture box is plastic is that why no green ground screw inside box ?

Samson Evanston says:

Its clear that he was using #12 wire, (Yellow), should’d he be using a 20 amp plug?

b3derkas says:

This is exactly what I was looking for. Just bought a house and the access from the house to the garage has a simple light fixture similar to what is in the video though it is mounted to the wall. Before the garage opens up the light is on a 1 1/2 foot wall before it does open up more to the right. Basically that little corner blocks light to 3/4 of the garage. If you need to get to other side of the garage this is fine though if you want to work you’re basically in very dim light. Because it is connected to the switch I wanted to extend lighting to the center of the garage. Would it be better to just dump the fixture and run the line to where I want new lighting? Hard wire it? The linear distance is about 12 feet from where the light fixture is to where I’d like to hand new lighting.

Handyjack says:

How not to do it…

Steve Bruno says:

If I run this off of a ‘pull chain receptacle with convenience outlet’ and connect a gfi to it would the new outlet still have power when the pull chain is off? On a scale from 1-10 how safe is this? (it is going outside in a closet-like storage shed attached to the condo.) I was just going to use an extension cord from the convenience outlet but this seems safer.

neoplasmax says:

here is a question.. I have a simple lamp and switch series circuit with the lamp getting having the source… OK it goes to a 2 receptical switch box on the wall with yet another simple series wiring with a single switch and lamp.. Lamp again being having the source wires.. Now let’s say I wanted to add a simple 24/7 connection of power just above the switches for a fire alarm.. Instead of running a new wire from the lamp to that switch, can I simply reverse the wires at the lamp on one of these and have access to a neutral and a hot at the switches without any trouble? Cause it’s an old house.. it just has the two-wire with no common and it’s nearly impossible to run a wire from the lamp all the way to switch for a new connection near the switch… If I swap the wires at one lamp.. that would send the hot wire down to switch without interrution from the switch.. it would allow me a unswitched neutral and unswitched hot at the box without having to do much at all but take one lamp down.. would this work? Long as there is no other connection in the circuit of the one I swapped…???

wet cake says:

thanks, your video was very helpful

Ernesto Vasquez says:

Thats not an electrician. It wont pass inspection… yes if he turns off the light the plug wont have power and yes it dosent have to be grounded because its plastic.

Sinfuldavy says:

You did not expalin at 2:20 why you used black tape to wrap the wire nuts

Ed Gloss says:

I stopped watching the second he said that the switch controlled the outlet.

fermin campos says:

your wrong the way your doing it the outlet will only have power when light is one if the switch is off there is no power in the outlet you need to get the power from the switch

Christy Gray says:

If you connect a gfci outlet this way, will you still get the protection from the gfci?

blueillusion1985 says:

Did anyone else see him cut through the ground wire when he “gets rid of the extra insulation”, and then it suddenly reappears? ^^

Max Tkacz says:

Everyone complaining about the switch turning off the power, just do exactly this but from the switch – this is a great video for anyone trying to bolster their lighting as one switch controls the whole battery of lights.

the s24team says:

One of the best how to videos I have seen on the subject. Thanks a ton

sixstrangtommy says:

so that you wont kill the outlet when you turn out the light why not just pigtail the feed? one to the light the other to the plugs.

Coco DeRasta says:

It would be best to add another outlet off of a plug or swith as long as theres a HOT in the box. He is adding this plug off of the RETURN wire so this new plug will not work unless the light is on.

William Dizon says:

Very nice video but you did not try if it works or not..still waiting for your comment…

dancingwithczars says:

You are not entirely correct when you say the outlet power will be controlled by the light switch. That’s not necessarily so. It depends on whether the hot wire enters the lighting circuit through the wall switch box or through the light fixture box. I’m not an electrician, but I think both ways are code compliant as long as all connections are made inside a box. If the hot comes in at the light fixture, then you can tie in to it there for your outlet power and the light switch will have no affect on it. That’s how my house is wired, though it’s several decades old. If the power to the lighting circuit enters at the wall switch box, then you would want to tie in there for your outlet power if you didn’t want it to be switched. You can usually tell if the power enters the wall switch box first by the presence of two white neutral wires wirenutted together inside the box along with two ground wires tied together and two black wires connected to the switch. One of those black wires is the incoming hot and the other one goes to the light.

Ted dimitrova says:

Its not right to put lighting and outlets in the same ring its stupid

John Smith says:

This was pretty awful………………….

Damian Clarke says:

To power the outlet without the switch controlling it can’t you simply pig tail another black wire from the hot(coming in) to the outlet and another pigtail to the light fixture?

Jay Harbor says:

I would use 3 wire cable plus ground from the switch to light for constant power and two wire cable from the light to outlet

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