How to make Tesla Coil at home – Wireless Energy Transmission – DIY Homemade Mini Tesla Coil

In this video we learn how to make your own a very simple Tesla Coil at home using 3/4″ PVC Pipe, 26 awg Magnet Wire, 2N2222A Transister, 29k Resister and On/Off Switch. You can easily make this Tesla Coil at home.

This device was invented by Nikola Tesla and is a great demonstration experiment. I hope you will make it without any problems after watching this video.

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Video Title: How to make Tesla Coil at home – Wireless Electricity / Energy Transmission – DIY Homemade Mini Tesla Coil – SIMPLE

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Kakashi Hatake says:

Built it so many times doesn’t work plz help me!!!!!

Kali Raj says:

input is 9v DC battery then how to work fluorescent tubes and bulbs

HECTOR says:

I can see ur risistor is 27000 ohms 27k and u said 29k?

Danial Mukhriz says:

what will happen if i dont use the resistor? would it still working the same?

chandravathi dittakavi says:

it is not working

Rasheed Ali says:

whats the cover used to cover the ball it is foil

Santosh Bhosale says:

magnetic wire means copper wire?

Kali Raj says:

230V Fluorescent bulb how to turn on , because using primary side is 9V DC BATTERY

Drone Gaming says:

how to make its range better?

Kali Raj says:

how much turn for secondary coil


means brother if we use 22k resistor the bulb will not glow isn’t it.

Balanel Gabriel says:

a diagram?

MegaZuko1 says:

what all devices can work by this method can u plss tell ???

Ujas Kalathiya says:

copper wire can work??

jayakumar m says:

can we use a higher model of transistor? I have S22222A


brother I have made one but my transistor is heating up. I used same things what you prescribed in the video . I have used 22k resistor and 2n2222a transistor. please help me .

Kali Raj says:

how many turns for primary and secondary windings

sanjay sid says:

we can use 27k resistor or above

Kali Raj says:

primary coil is what type of wire is use for this circuit

Giggs Ng says:

Mind sending me the circuit diagram

Jennifer Lindsey says:

What is the range on this device? And how much can it generate and for how long? Can I run my central air conditioner, a lamp, alarm clock and phone charger at the same time? Or do I need one next to each table lamp?and it will only run one thing? And what happens to the 9V battery when it dies? (and what’s it for?)
I’m not adverse to the idea of having dozens of these around the house if it means I’m not paying “THEM”. I don’t have the thousands to pay for solar panels.
Thanks ahead of time for a reply? I’m off to The Source, the store we used to call Radio Shack!

Pauline Benaraw says:

How many role do you do in the wire

Kali Raj says:

how many turns for primary and secondary windings

Meesum Abedi says:

does it work with
22k resistor
pn 2222a
10 inch primary(0.5 mm)
main (1mms)
9v battery

Kali Raj says:

how much turn for secondary coil

Jules Calimquim says:

hello can i get the materials/requirements needed for this? thank you for responsing.

wassim touir says:

hy. please can i use something else instead of vlc pipe and can i use 30k transistor

Om Tathed says:

is it insulated magnet wire

Komal Choudhary says:

what price does your hot glue gun? ???

Stephanie Hallberg says:

I’m starting to get why Edison succeed and Nicola Tesla didn’t .
Light bulb – Wire = Look harmless
Tesla Coil – Electricity flowing everywhere.

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