How to Make free energy Generator With Magnet very easy – Experiment DIY Science Project School 2018

How to Make free energy Generator With Magnet very easy – Experiment DIY Science Project School 2018

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Irving Reyes says:

Pondre mi calificación en tus manos

Miguel Ari Casares Guzman says:

how does it stop or else it wouldnt be that worthy

rajkumar Pothunuri says:


Victor Domantay says:

That is called big trick. Nice expirement

Joshua Aguila says:

Hi @HD channel i just want to ask for materials you used..

Vijay Vijay Kumar says:


Rahul Rj says:


Ajay Kumar says:


hackertube professional says:

Not good 101

Shivraj Anand says:

What is the working principal? Opposite faced magnet never reacts same on same magnetic poles. Please make clear by indicating magnetic poles. North or South.

Easy Tech says:

WOW Amazing

Dawid says:


Pradeep Chauhan says:

Mobile number bhejo

barracuda balmodez says:

normall magnets? can be substitute to speaker magnet?

John Nielton Canonoy says:

HD Channel? What are the materials in this video??? You will really get good feed backs if you have the materials and procedure in your youtube video.Thanks ofr understanding.

syamsyul nizam says:

I did exactly same like in the video and it’s not working, is there any trick you hide

Amrendrakumar Singh says:

that kum jhut dikho

Krishna J says:

We need materials

Yosoda Karmakar says:

নমস্কার করি না কেন তা হলে তো তুমি পেদে ভরবে

Shivraj Anand says:

Agar hum log is tarah se free energy bana sakte hai to sarkar ko ise adopt karna chahiye. Energy crisis dur ho jayega.

Anagha Tawade says:

But how u have placed the magnets


Payasada. Fea musica tambien. Vete a casa.

Anas Majeed says:

How to get megiant…?
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