How To Make Free Energy Generator 220V From Washing Machine Motor. DIY Free Energy Generator.

Hi Guys here is the new project “How To Make Free Energy Generator 220V From Washing Machine Motor. DIY Free Energy Generator.” from “Electrical and electronics projects” “E&EP” Channel.

This is a old style washing machine’s motor and i have converted it into free energy generator it gives AC voltage as well as DC by using bridge rectifier just spin motor’s shaft with regular circular motion and it will keep continue giving voltage increasing the speed giving more voltage decreasing speed giving low voltage you can also use it as a wind turbine by simply connecting fan blades to it and will become a wind turbine.
Thank you for watching my video and let me know comments down below that should i upload a new video or not in which i will show you how i made,alter it and what i used in it that is giving voltage.

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Note that when pull rounded sprocket with rope keep your every part of body away from wires bcz it gives high voltage approximately 150V to 250V which is very dangerous for human any living things in the world
that can kill you and injured you and don’t spin motor shaft very fast when you are trying 12V DC electronics to operate with high voltage can damage your electronics and i can not be held responsible for any lose of property,damage or loss life if it comes to that.

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mr nothing says:

you English is absolutely fine…

Baba Sadegh says:

درست كردن ژنراتور برق با موتور هاى قديمى

Raid Salman says:

dear my friend,
many thanks for your effort. but just to put it right, this is not what we can call a free energy motor or system. the free or zero point energy system requires hands free motion.

Syed Usman says:


Dr Shafiq says:


Zyef Nest says:

the word enery alone… is never free… its a process
theres always a source… no source no supply

Bryan Dreyfus says:

Your English is fine…don’t worry about it..I can understand every word you say but that isn’t free energy! You are the power supply and if you don’t fill you gas tank (food) you would stop working. For free energy you need a wind fan or a stream of water and a water wheel.

John Abraham says:

beautiful you done a great job


your english is so good don’t worry but u need to improve your mechanical energy machine

Hak Ola says:

That can’t be free Energy…you have to do some form of work to make electricity from your device, free energy mean zero works …

omar khan says:

who gonna run the motor u dumbass

motan motanul says:

what bulbs you use in the experiment? how many watts and what voltage?

ronald phillips says:

if you lot cant make a decent comment don’t make one at all. Most of you probably cant even wire up a switch to battery and bulb so piss off with your pointless views.

Shoukat ali hunzai says:

it’s not obviously free. perhaps he wants to show one can go off the grid by improving this type of wast material!? though everything seems pretty basic. good work!

Mildred Wanjiku says:

thanks, wonderful massage. am to try it at home. your demo is perfect. your english is excerllent

From Outer Space says:

You need constant cycle of spin for AC motor to generate power mechanical to electrical and vice versa

hani king says:

use handle bro insted of string

Sean Gaw says:

Good idea. I believe Joe Seglar is refering to the concept of car electricity production to how the alternator continue to keep a car running, its possible but you need to keep it operating in a sound proof room in basement for noise prevention.

Shoukat ali hunzai says:

you are free to enjoy and be happy! what’s what I did as a child for fun. 🙂

rafmael says:

very nice teacher and demonstration,thank you for showing i`m waiting for the 2nd video on how you did it.

Vamsi Galla says:

don’t worry about your language. you are doing good. keep it up.

Ytyþ Haha says:

Привет всем мире иностранные языки правильно при этом десяток различных жанров выпрямился помощью которого конденсатора копирования тока светильник удерживать энергия получается от того-то генератор звука оборудование скорее всего лишь домой включает все яркие улице.

Dr Shafiq says:


News Today says:


Richard Vassell says:

where is the video that shows how to convert the motor to an alternator?

Steven Woodard says:

where is part 2 how to rebuild the motor?

Ansar Khan Rathore says:

ap ager urdu m he bana den tab b hum samnjh jaen gay best of luck my dear good work

Alexander Tagiltsev says:

Your English is good. I was able to understand everithing you said. My mother language is Russian. +++

Allie Wazir says:


techboys02 fiy says:

need to do a voice over dude

Miguel Perez Delgado says:

tthank you indio. 🙂

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